Tech Help: Changing Apple ID Security Questions

As a telecommunication company, Apple is renowned for many things. But, a standout among them is its high-end security protocols and systems. When it comes to keeping users’ information safe on their devices and the cloud-based storage, Apple goes the extra mile in that area. To ensure that you are the only one who has access to the information stored on your device, Apple uses security questions to verify your identity. The answer to these questions is provided by you, and Apple expects you to keep them secret. However, if for some reason, you forgot your answers to the security questions, Apple will give you another chance to verify your identity, and reset your ID security questions.

If you are experiencing difficulty in accessing important information on your Apple device, because you somehow forgot the right answers to your ID security questions, then consider this article your guide for changing Apple ID security questions.

Changing Apple ID Security Questions: Step by Step

Step 1:

Go to your Apple ID account page and click Forgot Apple ID or password. Make sure the URL is spelled correctly, because there are many fake sites out there with similar URLs. Some of them even have look-alike pages imitating Apple’s ID page, to mislead you so you’ll part with your ID information. (Also be sure you don’t have any undercover apps on your phone that may spy on you and steal your information.)

Tip: The real website has a wealth of information on Apple and its products.

Step 2:

Provide your Apple ID login details to access your account. Don’t forget to check and double-check your login details to avoid login errors. When you are satisfied with what you have written, click on continue.

Step 3:

Move to the security section on the Apple ID page, and click on Edit. Since you can’t remember your initial security questions, click on the reset option from the subsequent menu. Then click on continue or press enter from your keyboard.

Step 4:

Provide your Apple ID login details to verify your identity. This step is important since you don’t want strangers poking around your files and important documents. Once you are done, click Continue.

Step 5:

Follow the ensuing instructions to verify your identity. You’ll be required to provide legitimate answers to a few personal questions depending on the details of your account and other similar factors. If you fail to answer at least one of these questions correctly, you won’t be able to verify your identity, neither will you be able to reset your security questions.

Step 6:

The last step in changing Apple ID security questions is to choose new questions and answers. While we are on the subject, it is worth mentioning that you shouldn’t choose security questions that are impossible to forget. Of course, you shouldn’t choose Apple ID security questions that are super easy either.

Although Apple gives you the chance to change your security questions, changing Apple ID security questions over and over again can make it even more difficult to remember the answers to your security questions. So be careful what you choose to do.

Other Methods to Changing Apple ID Security Questions

On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, look for your Apple ID in your iCloud or iTunes & App Store settings. Tap Settings, then tap your name. Change the security questions there.

Or, you can tap Settings, then tap Accounts & Passwords. On iOS 10.3 or earlier, tap Settings, select Mail, choose Contacts, then tap Calendars. You can find more information on Apple’s website.

Weight Loss Benefits of the MyFitnessPal Health App

The MyFitnessPal Health App is one of the most innovative apps and websites that helps you track the number of calories that are situated in your body. The app helps its users track their calorie intake and the rate at which their body burns these calories. It is a very good app because it helps its users keep their fitness goals in check. Having excessive calorie intake in your body may cause serious health problems to you as an individual, so in this article, we will be going through four great benefits of the MyFitnessPal Health App to you, and why you should get it for yourself today.

4 Reasons to Try the MyFitnessPal Health App

It helps you develop the fitness habit.

Most times, a lot of people want to work out and get fit, but they often do not have the right motivation and they have not developed this as a habit. The major benefit of the MyFitnessPal Health App is that it helps you cultivate good fitness habits. For instance, if you want to begin tracking your diet, this app gives you a whole lot of features, so diet tracking becomes something that you are used to overtime.

Your fitness goals become easier to reach.

With the MyFitnessPal Health App, you will be able to reach all your fitness goals within the shortest possible time. This is because the app keeps a record of your recipes, the food you eat, and the exercise that’s part of your daily routine to reach your goals. With the MyFitnessPal Health App, you will have no issue with knowing what to do at any point when you are working on yourself.

It helps you stay accountable throughout your fitness journey.

A lot of times, people do not achieve their fitness goals simply because they are not accountable. Their routine exercises are often irregular, and this could cause major problems in your weight loss journey. The MyFitnessPal Health App helps you solve that issue. It helps you to become accountable for every part of your weight loss evolution. When you work out, it keeps track of the time you spend and the number of calories you were able to shed. This helps you to reach your weight loss goals faster.

It helps you maintain your weight loss.

A lot of times when people lose weight they often find it difficult to still maintain this healthy lifestyle that they now have. The energy and passion that made them want to lose weight before dies down. The MyFitnessPal Health App helps you maintain your weight loss to the best of your ability.

At regular intervals, the app helps you by suggesting new nutrient goals that you must reach. Once you have achieved that, it suggests more. These suggestions help you to maintain your weight loss and keep fit regularly.

To crush your fitness goals this year, using the MyFitnessPal Health App is vital. You can also take great nutritional supplements from sources like Designs for Health, and try SlimStyles with PGX Weight Loss Drink Mix by Natural Factors to help you with your overall fitness journey.

The MyFitnessPal Health App is a great platform for everyone looking for a way to squash their fitness goals at any time.

Nerdy Emoji Pillow and Other Funny Technology-Related Gift Ideas

From the beginning of time, it has been customary to give people you love gifts for birthdays and holidays. Although over 1 million articles about gift ideas are circulating on the internet, finding the perfect gift for your loved one can create a bit of a hassle. This difficulty increases exponentially when you are looking for a funny technology-related gift for your nerdy friends.

However, gifting doesn’t have to be that difficult. If you know the right places to look, you’ll find several comical technology-related gift ideas for your loved ones. You can start with the fans favorite, the nerdy emoji pillow, and go from there. However, if you are new to gifting or you are still trying to wrap your head around tech-related gift culture, here are some fun and inexpensive gift ideas to get you started.

4 Nerdtastic Gift Ideas

Nerdy Emoji Pillow

It seems pretty obvious that our first tech-related gift idea would be a nerdy emoji pillow. This gift idea is great for several reasons. For one, it offers a lot of comfort and convenience for in-bed reading and TV watching. You can also use it in your living room as a sofa-cushion, bolster, head, and back pillow. The funny design and impeccable material used for the production of this particular gift idea make it the perfect way to express your sassiness and vivacity. Choose from a variety of your favorite emoji expressions – from the silly wink to the smiley face to the poop emoji – all in emoji pillows from Walmart and other retailers. They’ve got it all! Gamers, people who text a lot, and friends who keep on top of news on the future of social media would love this gift idea.

Lemon Screen Cloth

Perfect as stocking stuffers during Christmastime, lemon screen cloths from The Container Store are essential in every tech pro’s lair, and if your friend is a tech enthusiast, he/she will probably have a few laying around. The funny-looking lemon screen cloth is a perfect add-on gift for everyone. It is perfect for cleaning PC screens, phone screens, and tablets. Each time you use this funny looking screen cloth on your tech gadget, you’ll feel like you are rubbing a lemon on your screen. Crazy, right?

Circuit Board Keychain

The recycled circuit board keychain from Amazon is becoming more popular among tech experts and enthusiasts. If you are looking for great add-on gifts for your nerdy friend or colleague, this gift idea gives you a lot of options. Imagine your friend’s excitement each time he or she opens a door, and the circuit board keychain dangles from the keyhole. Besides, keychains are pretty useful around the house, and almost everyone uses one. So if you want your nerdy friend to think of you every day, this is the ideal gift.

Funny Mouse Pad

If you want a simple and funny looking gift idea that won’t put a dent in your budget, funny mousepads offer a lot of advantages. They come with eccentric and hilarious designs, like a cattle grazing a field, a scrumptious dish, diced fruits, and other funny looking images that will take your mind off of the stress and hassle of the day. (But our favorite, of course, is the ninja cat riding a unicorn mouse pad from Amazon!)

Time will not permit us to list all the funny technology-related gift ideas in our collection. But if you are in the market for tech-related gifts, you should consider the above-listed gifts ideas. At least get a nerdy emoji pillow, so the next time you text your best friend “Happy Birthday” followed by a smiley face emoji, they can fully experience the celebratory sentiment.

Undercover Apps You Should Know About

It is no secret that spy apps are available, and while they are primarily designed for parents to keep an eye on their kids, they can very well be used by anybody to keep an eye on anybody. From parents to spouses, employers, there is no limit to who can use a spy app to keep track of you.

Here are some undercover apps that you should know about:

3 Undercover Apps


Spyera is not just an undercover app, it is an entire undercover system. It can be installed on both iOS and Android systems, and it is one app that can be used to keep track of every single thing that you do.

From as far as listening in on your calls, this app can even listen to things that are going on around you when you are around your device. It can even go as far as recording and storing the audio of things that are happening around you. 

That is not all, this app can also go as far as tracking your texts and instant messages and even take copies of pictures that you take, keep track of conversations that you have on different platforms, and make use of your camera to physically spy on you. It can even track if your ex has posted a pregnancy announcement on social media!

The good thing about this app is that it is expensive, not including the subscription fee, which is about the same price as an actual smartphone. It would also require the person spying to have your device in order to install it.


This undercover app has similar features to the one above; however, it not only monitors your data, audio and messages, it also monitors your passwords, location, and even other apps that you use.

This app also allows the installer to get alerts for different types of triggers on your activities, and it happens to be quite well hidden from your task manager. This app can be used to spy on both iOS and Android devices and has a monthly premium plan rate.


As far as monitoring goes, the mSpy happens to be one of the most commonly used apps. It is rather common among parents and paranoid spouses, as this app can monitor app contents on your device, it can monitor GPS location, and can restrict calls coming into your device.

It is mainly designed for parents who want to monitor who their kids interact with, especially in situations where they are bothered about who can reach their kids. This makes this app legal; however, it does not stop an untrusting or paranoid spouse from misusing it.

This app can also be used to monitor what you do on your desktop, and it comes with a very affordable bundle deal. This app also runs a 24/7 customer care support for spy guidance.

These undercover apps are scary to think about, especially when you know that they are hidden on your device, and it is for this reason that we strongly suggest that you know about them.

Best Horse Training Apps

Our smartphones have come to be a very important part of our everyday lives, not just because of the ability to make and receive calls, but because of how much information they can store. The smartphone today carries different apps that we depend on in order to get through our daily lives. There are even specialty apps, including ones that will benefit horse lovers. If you love horses and need help training them, try the following horse training apps. 

3 Best Horse Training Apps

Horse Dialog

This is your one-stop shop when it comes to taking care of your horses’ health. This app allows you to keep records of a lot of activities and important information for your horse.

From dates and times of events like training to setting reminders for health checks, you can have your horses’ entire health record right at your fingertips on this app. It also has a GPS tracker that is not only used to track rides but to also keep records and track the fitness level of your horse. Works well with both Android and Apple iOS.


While you have the regular health apps for your horses, this app takes a deeper look into your horses’ health. It is designed to monitor the health of your horse, detect any issues before they get serious, and even prevent horse anxiety.

This app analyzes the daily activities of your horse, from its movement and behavior to its location and even its heart rate. It is one app that allows you to see your horses’ lifestyle, and it even alerts you in cases of any critical emergencies. You can get it on both Android and iOS.

Horse Notes Lite

This app is not your one-stop horse app. While it would still carry out basic function, it is best for large herds. This app allows you to input data on every horse you own, and it tracks the progress of each horse individually. Everything from medical records to history of breeding, expenses and much more for every horse in the herd goes on this app, and it gives you notifications to keep you abreast of what horse needs what.

With a large herd, it may be difficult to remember every detail of every horse and their specific needs, this app helps to make sure that you do not forget. What is more, you can also add pictures to help keep track of the progress of your horse. This app is suitable for both Android and iOS.

A couple of years ago, undercover apps like horse training apps would have been entirely unheard of but, with the help of technology, today horse lovers can find apps on both iOS and Android that help them to take proper care of their horses.