6 Subscriptions That Actually Make Your Life Better

A lot of people underestimate the power of subscriptions, there are subscriptions that could make your life better and that is what we shall explore in this article.  Here are some subscriptions that help you have a better life.

Hello Fresh 

Hello Fresh is one of the most popular meal kit companies in America. It has properly designed recipe cards for every meal they have. Hello, Fresh has been committed for decades to provide ingredients that have extreme quality. These ingredients are obtained straight from the farm. For every meal you receive. You could keep getting subscriptions for sixty dollars every week. You could select either two or three recipes every week. These include family plans, quick and easy plans, calorie smart, classic, or veggie plans. 

Magnolia Record Club

This club could potentially change your life. Magnolia Record Club is a vinyl subscription service that could instill a deep appreciation for music in you. As music is food for the soul you would feed your soul and inadvertently your life would be better. Subscription to this club is sure to make your life better. 

Sun Basket 

Sun Basket has one of the best deliveries for either breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  The servings start at nine dollars. 

This is for people that have committed themselves to eat meals that are nothing but healthy. If you are a vegetarian, getting these types of subscriptions would really help you. The company isn’t just committed to sending you meals that are made out of very clean ingredients, but it has ten different plans. This way, you can easily select the plan which would fit your lifestyle. This also has oven-ready and microwave meals which would be ready in minutes. You can easily start by selecting your meal plan. You could select meal plans which go for either two meals, three meals, or four if you would like. 

Blue Apron 

Blue Apron specializes in meal kits which one could use to enjoy very quick meals. You can get this for eight dollars per single serving. 

Every week, you could select two to four recipes from the very simple around twenty minutes to cook Blue Apron’s meals. These have around four different plan types. These plans include the following:

Wellness, signature, vegetarian, and then signature for four. 

The box you could get weekly could have instructions you could use for the recipe and it has the specific amount of ingredients you would need for every meal. A lot of the meals here are perfect for people that want to watch their weight. 

Home Chef 

Home Chef has has meal sets that are highly customizable. The meal-kit set starts at seven dollars for a single one. You can find this subscription at homechef.com. Before you order from this set, make sure you organize and arrange your home chef taste profile. This is essential so you could get thirty-minute meals recommended to you with haste. These meals include vegetarian, fish, pork, chicken, and steak recipes. You could select from two to four to six serving options through your first order. You would receive handy binders which would easily keep all your recipes specifically in a specific place. 

Daily Harvest 

Daily Harvest has servings start at six dollars. You can get them daily. You get to enjoy a lot of vegetables and fruits. There are things you would enjoy like grain harvest bowls, lattes, smoothies, soups, oats you could have overnight, and chia parfaits. Each of these pre-portioned bowls or cups has great ingredients which are all grown organically. There doesn’t need any serious methods of preparation. You could store them in your fridge till whenever you want to eat them. 

We hope you enjoyed our list! Give some of these a try and let us know your thoughts!