Apps to Track Your Calories and Food Intake

In this day and age, counting how many calories of food you take is quite simple. There are a lot of apps and websites one can use that would log your intake and track your meals.

This article would show you some of these apps that’ll help you in tracking your food intake and calories.

They are all accessible online, signing up is very easy. They all have apps on Android, iPhone, and iPad. Most of them are free to use.

Apps that track your calories and food intake

1.     MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is one of the globally known calorie counters available at the moment.

This helps in tracking tone daily calorie intake and checking your weight. It has a properly created food diary and a fine exercise log.

MyFitnessPal has a free version, but some of its features cannot be accessed until you get a premium version. It is about $49.99 annually.

You get to enjoy a lot of meals available in restaurants and recipes from the internet that fit your diet and show the calorie content of each serving. You can also quickly add calories if you don’t have the time to put in details about a meal you want to have. Because most of the meals are put in by other users of the app, the calorie content might not be completely accurate. There could be a presence of too many entries for a particular meal.

The serving database could be difficult to edit, this would be hard if your serving would be larger or smaller than the one listed.

2.     Lose It!

Lose It! is another health tracker that possesses an exercise log and an easy to use diary of meals. You could connect this to a fitness device or a pedometer.

This checks out your height, age, goals, and weight. It provides you with recommendations on the number of calories you should take in. It tracks your calories on its homepage. 

It has a food database with popular grocery stores, restaurants, brand names, and all which are verified by a great team of experts. The app lets you set reminders that would log your snacks and meals.

But it is difficult to log in meals cooked at home or to calculate its nutritional value. It can be a tricky app to navigate. It does not track micronutrients.

3.     FatSecret

This is a free calorie counter. It has a nutrition database, food diary, healthy recipes, weight chart, and an exercise log with a journal.

It also has a barcode scanner that helps you track meals that are packaged.

It has a comprehensive food database. This includes restaurant meals and meals from the supermarket.

Meals submitted by other users are shown in a way other users know if the information provided is as accurate as it seems. FatSecret provides net carbs which are important for dieters that consume low carb. 

But the app interface is quite confusing and cluttered.

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