Best Guitar Effects Apps

Do you know you can record your best tune even without an amp? This is absolutely true. You can enjoy the best guitar effects on your mobile device without stress. There are mobile applications developed to mimic and imitate real guitar gears. The guitar world has taken a turn to enjoy the awesome effects of mobile apps.

Guitar effects apps generate virtual effects, pedals, and guitar amp simulations. Now you can hear the multi-effect stimulation of these apps as you play. Guitar effects apps are great for both professional guitarists and new guitar enthusiasts. You do not need to spend hundreds of dollars on an amp and accessories before you can create a good tune; you only have to set yourself up with the best guitar effects apps.

These apps have greatly improved from what they used to be into all-in-one sufficient mobile applications for every guitarist. The following are the best guitar effects apps you should try.

Try These Guitar Effects Apps

1. Amplitube

Amplitube is one of the best recording studio apps that give you pretty good sounds. It has realistic amp effects and many amazing features like a programmable drummer to make drums for your songs, several stompbox effects, recording studio, tape recorder, microphone, amps, speakers, and a tuner.

It’s an all-in-one recording app. You can create music without having to use multiple apps. Amplitude has everything you need to make good music. However, it doesn’t have social preset dynamics and is only available on iOS.

2. Bias FX Mobile

Bias FX Mobile belongs to a class of its own. This app allows you to customize amp so you won’t be plugging in and jamming. You can play through the amps in Bias. It has amazing features that help you to get extra latency. You get to choose a speaker and microphone that pops in front of the speaker to capture its sound. Amazingly, you can have the mic in 3D space to capture room reverb on your sound.

Everything on Bias is customizable, so you can make it work your way. Working with Bias is nerdy fun, and the sound is just so amazing.

3. AmpKit

The Interface of this app is a bit different. You tap on the amp, effect, or speaker you want and set the parameters in the control panel. It is easy to fall in love with the AmpKit interface as you only have to adjust your parameters, unlike other apps where you are required to tweak a virtual knob on the screen. AmpKit allows you to mix and match amps, effects, and speakers.

It sounds great and has a lot of amazing in-app store features, which provides you with information about the pedal and amp copied.

4. JamUp Pro

JamUp Pro is one of the easiest apps to use. It has a great effect and lots of extra features that make it worthwhile. One of the applaudable features of JamUp is that it allows you to share and download amps from other users. This is amazing, right?

JamUp Pro’s drag and drop feature makes it great for experimenting. It has great flexibility considering that it works with the web developer’s other app, Bias.

5. GarageBand

GarageBand lets you play your guitar through a bunch of pedals and amps. It has a unique feature called Jam Session, which allows you to connect wirelessly to other iOS devices. You can have someone play the guitar, and have another person play the keyboard while you record everybody’s part on another iOS device. Each device is synced and all recordings match up.

GarageBand produces excellent sound and is absolutely fun to use.

Which of these guitar effects apps will you choose?