Best Herb Tea for Headache from Too Much Social Media Stress

Aside from the fact that some of us work on social media—talking about influencers, social media managers, and ad managers—merely using social media is stress on its own.

Meeting people who ask questions that may be annoying to you and choosing to keep your cool; responding to the hundreds of messages in your inbox; viewing all the images and videos you see on the timeline – all these things are capable of giving you a headache (or a migraine) at the end of the day.

So, what is the best herb tea for a headache from too much social media stress? We’ll look over them one after the other.

1. Ginger tea

You’re not going to be hearing about that for the first time, but if you are, then I will love to tell you that ginger is one of the most sought after spices for meals, and it’s not just because it has a great flavor. Ginger has several health benefits that have been proven to help you manage health issues like a migraine. Consume this tea at night and wake up more refreshed and healed from your headache in the morning.

2. Willow bark tea

It’s okay if you haven’t heard about the willow bark. It’s not a very popular ingredient anyway, so I’m just going to let you know that willow bark is from a variety of (but not all) willow trees.

The willow bark contains salicin, which chemists will tell you is similar to aspirin. Wash a fair amount of the bark and cook it. Your headache will disappear. It is safe for use at any time of the day. However, if your doctor has told you to stay away from aspirin, you should consider staying away from this herb.

3. Feverfew tea

Feverfew has been proven for years now to be useful for aches in general. If you’re having a migraine or a headache from social media stress, you should come cooling off with a good feverfew tea.

It is, however, contraindicated for pregnant women as it may induce labor. Also, make sure you add more water and fewer leaves to avoid mouth irritation.

4. Clove tea

Clove is a wonderful Indonesian spice that is now grown worldwide. It contains antinociceptive, which is known to reduce any sign of pain on any part of your body. Get yourself a clove tea and you’ll not only be stopping your headache, but you’ll also be getting rid of any other pain you have on your body.

5. Peppermint tea

Although this article is generally about tea, peppermint oils will offer you quicker healing for your headache. However, if the oil is not available, you can simply get the tea, which will do the same job only a tad bit slower.

The good thing about peppermint tea is that it has no side effects. Everyone can drink it and feel fine.

Social media can be very stressful sometimes and if you’re on social media as a means to pay your bills, then you have to deal with the stress, and no better way to do that than to have any of these teas always available.

If you still continue to have a headache, an NSAID or a natural headache relief option like Migranol by Designs for Health may help.