Best Horse Training Apps

Our smartphones have come to be a very important part of our everyday lives, not just because of the ability to make and receive calls, but because of how much information they can store. The smartphone today carries different apps that we depend on in order to get through our daily lives. There are even specialty apps, including ones that will benefit horse lovers. If you love horses and need help training them, try the following horse training apps. 

3 Best Horse Training Apps

Horse Dialog

This is your one-stop shop when it comes to taking care of your horses’ health. This app allows you to keep records of a lot of activities and important information for your horse.

From dates and times of events like training to setting reminders for health checks, you can have your horses’ entire health record right at your fingertips on this app. It also has a GPS tracker that is not only used to track rides but to also keep records and track the fitness level of your horse. Works well with both Android and Apple iOS.


While you have the regular health apps for your horses, this app takes a deeper look into your horses’ health. It is designed to monitor the health of your horse, detect any issues before they get serious, and even prevent horse anxiety.

This app analyzes the daily activities of your horse, from its movement and behavior to its location and even its heart rate. It is one app that allows you to see your horses’ lifestyle, and it even alerts you in cases of any critical emergencies. You can get it on both Android and iOS.

Horse Notes Lite

This app is not your one-stop horse app. While it would still carry out basic function, it is best for large herds. This app allows you to input data on every horse you own, and it tracks the progress of each horse individually. Everything from medical records to history of breeding, expenses and much more for every horse in the herd goes on this app, and it gives you notifications to keep you abreast of what horse needs what.

With a large herd, it may be difficult to remember every detail of every horse and their specific needs, this app helps to make sure that you do not forget. What is more, you can also add pictures to help keep track of the progress of your horse. This app is suitable for both Android and iOS.

A couple of years ago, undercover apps like horse training apps would have been entirely unheard of but, with the help of technology, today horse lovers can find apps on both iOS and Android that help them to take proper care of their horses.