Best Instagram Profiles to Follow for Music Fans

If you are a music fan, and you are looking for wonderful profiles to follow, then Instagram is the place you need to be. Instagram possesses a bottomless well of inspiration thanks to classic categories in all genres of music and entertainment.

Top Music Instagram Profiles

We would show you great Instagram accounts on various sections of the music genre which you wouldn’t need to spend any time hustling and searching by yourself.

Showing you what we’ve got today, you need to feel great vibes using the music industry Instagram has to offer. They ensure you get great harmonies.

Every one of us has been sucked into the vortex created by Instagram. When it comes to your job description as a complete and utter music fan, you’ll see non stop musical entertainment from this profile on Instagram.

Presently on Instagram, music has been introduced to its Stories. Now you could add a music soundtrack to your wonderful story. It could fit any moment you are trying to express. More than 400 million people share their Instagram Stories daily. Instagram is excited to give the community a brand new way to feel closer to their family and friends and followers.

You can do this when you touch the add sticker button, that you could use in adding a sticker to a video or photo in stories. That’s where you would see a music icon. Touch this and open a huge library featuring millions of music.

You could also select a song before you start the video. You could do this by opening the camera and swiping to touch the music button, found under the record button. Simply search for your song of choice and trim it to the part you would like, then record the video as the song plays in the background.

Checking through the pages and scrolling would expose your mind to a lot. But your aim and the reason you are reading this article is to see Instagram handles you should follow as a music fan.

Here is a cool list of music Instagram profiles you will love to keep up with the greatest and latest of music.

1.     @applemusic

2.     @spotify

3.     @billboard

4.     @wbr

5.     @interscope

6.     @sonymusicglobal

7.     @warnermusic

8.     @epicrecords

9.     @vevo

10.   @mtvukThese are the best Instagram accounts for fans of music. All you have to do is go to Instagram and search the handles above. Or you can follow the top 50 rock star Instagram accounts. Enjoy!