Best Phone Silencer Apps That Still Let Important Calls Through

Everyone deserves to sleep and enjoy a good rest, not to wake up every minute at the phone beep. Or maybe you can’t seem to concentrate on your meeting because your phone won’t stop beeping every 10 minutes, you certainly need to do something about it. It’s hard to ignore a phone beep, and that is why we get up from sleep to press the phone or divert attention from important work just to check messages and take calls.

There are times when we need to silent our phones – in a seminar, meeting, important event, or while sleeping, but some important calls can’t be missed. Wouldn’t it be great if you could silent your phone, but still have it ring for important calls? This is absolutely possible. There are phone silencer apps that keep your phone silent but let important calls through.

With phone silencer apps, you can maintain your sanity,  enjoy a good sleep, concentrate during meetings, without missing important calls and messages. The best phone silencer apps you should have for this effect are a follows.

4 Phone Silencer Apps

Nights Keeper

Nights Keeper is one of the simplest and most popular “Do Not Disturb” apps on Google store for android users. This app blocks all calls except contacts in your “whitelist.” You can configure and create several profiles for days, week, and time, which you can easily activate on the home screen widget.

You can configure the Nights Keeper app to send messages to blocked contact to inform them that you are busy and can’t take their calls. It has an “Emergency Call” feature that allows you to take a call from a non-whitelist contact after several attempts.

Silent Mode App

This app is unique and has lots of amazing features for android. It allows you to set profiles to block calls, silent notifications, set profile scheduling, customize a reply for non-whitelist contacts, etc. The Silent Mode app has a location detection feature that enables a specific profile within a specific location. For instance, if you set your profile to block calls while at your workplace and you are not within your workplace, the app will continue to function, but will not block calls or notification.


AutoSilent mutes your iPhone or iPad during meetings, rest or at scheduled times or locations. The app synchronizes with your iDevice calendar and automatically silent it when you do not want to be disturbed, and puts your ringer back on after the meeting.  It is location-based, so once you get to your school or office, the ringer goes off. A good thing about AutoSilent is that you can configure it to suit your calendar. You can also block some calls and leave others to ring through.

Phone Silencer

You don’t have to worry about missing a call because you forgot your ringer off again. Phone Silencer asks you how long you want to keep your ringer off and puts your ringer right back on when the time elapses. You can configure the app so you don’t miss important calls while your ringer is off.