Best Ways to Record Music on Your Phone

People often say that lousy noises always ruin a nice video, and this saying is true. Today, we will talk about the best ways with which you can record lovely music on our phone. Keep reading, and at the end of this article, you can get on with recording great music on your smartphone. All you just need is a modern smartphone.

Now, let us proceed to the steps.

3 The best steps to recording great music on your phone

Avoid staying far away from the source

Most times you will find yourself recording beautiful music on your phone, but the result will come out poor. In most cases, distance is a problem. Let us assume that you are making a video and you are trying to capture the scene how you want it to be, and you are far away from where the music/sound is coming from, the camera microphone will not be far to get clean audio.

This is not the case with a smartphone. Just get your phone, tap record, and then frame the shot just as want it to be. Next, the phone’s audio track can be mixed or overlaid later onto the video track that you have made. You can decide to reduce the volume of the original audio or to completely delete the audio track.

For it to be easy for you to cut everything together, always remember an old cinematic trick which states that your subject can loudly clap his/her hands once everything begins to record, and then, wait for a second to begin talking. During big productions, clapper boards are being used, but with a loud and simple on-camera clap, you can get a nice visual/audio cue that is needed to align the audio track of your phone later together with the video tracks (raw).

Stop any distortion

Let us assume that you are in a dance club or at an event and the audio track of what you shot has a static sound. This has happened because the surrounding audio in the environment where you are, is too loud for your phone’s microphone.

Many smartphones today do not have custom gain settings to distort high volumes, and downloaded software might not be a perfect solution to that.

All you need in this case is Scotch tape. Just take a small piece and place it over the hole of your phone’s microphone and the amount of loud sound that enters the microphone will be reduced. This will give you a better result. 

Before you place the scotch tape over the microphone, ensure that the edges have no seam or bubble. You can still use other kinds of tape like paper, duct, masking, and more until you arrive at the best fit for your environment and smartphone.

Turn on your phone’s airplane mode

You may be surprised at this step, but it works. Take, for instance, you are recording nice music, and in the middle, you get a notification or text message which comes with loud noises, your lovely recording will be messed up and ruined.

So, to avoid such happening to you, always remember to turn on your airplane mode to avoid receiving any message or notification, and also mute your phone’s volume when your location is on so that you can have a perfect music recording on your smartphone. For more info for Apple iPhone users, go here. For Samsung phone owners, go here.

The next step would be for you to record your own music! With the 3 steps that are mentioned above, you can capture and record your own wonderful musical creations on your phone. Guitar (either acoustic or electric) and bass guitar are great starter options! To learn more about music and vintage guitars, visit To learn more about bass guitars, go to