Camera Phone Tips for Taking the Best Selfies

This article would be teaching you beautiful ways on how you can start taking wonderful selfless. I’m sure you must have taken about a billion photos, and you only liked five out of the entire bunch. We are all in this game, don’t stress your mind. We all want to get the best selfies. These are all about combining the best amount of photo filters, angles, settings, and light. 

We have had great conversations with experts in the art of taking selfies. These include makeup artists, bloggers, and vloggers. If you want to learn how to take beautiful selfies, look at these excellent tips, which would help you take your selfie games to the next great level. 

List of Tips to Help your Selfie Existence 

Don’t forget about light. 

Remember that lighting is essential. One of the first rules you should think of is that you should pay severe attention to light. As stated by Liberty Jordan, natural lighting is one of the best products you should use for your photos. The best part is that this is free. Instead of looking at your phone’s screen or your computer screen, you should step out and bask appropriately under the sun. Don’t forget your sunscreen, though. This excellent lighting makes the circles under your eyes, and all of the shadows vanish entirely. 

Forget about Shadows

Trust me when I say there’s nothing you would hate more than having a giant shadow cast over one face. This is what Candice Lake said. She’s a style blogger and a photographer. When you’re in doubt, you should directly face the sun or look far away from it. In the afternoon, when the sun is relatively high, you could have shadows, and they would look horrible under-eye bags. You don’t want to have a selfie where you’re looking like a monster, do you?

Make legit smiles.

When you’re smiling, think about happy moments. Moments that you look fantastic and moments you’ve kicked ass. You would look like an angel. 

I’m giving you this advice because trust me. I have experimented with it. I have compared photos I fake smiled and those I genuinely smiled. The genuine smiles always look way better. If you want to go for a selfie that’s a little bit more serious, try smiling with only your eyes. Keep practicing in front of a mirror. To do this very well, think about great memories. Your eyes would do all the smiling for you. You don’t need to stress your mind anymore. With time you’ll get the hang of it all. 

My thoughts on taking epic selfies 

I don’t believe in perfection because that doesn’t exist. I believe in things being epic. I’m not the best, but I always want to be better by the day—the same thing with selfies. You are always a work in process. With time you would master the art of taking selfies, and you’ll be a grand Boss. I have lots of faith in you because I know you can do it.