Best Counter Apps

There are varieties of the best counter apps you may know. Some of them are listed below, as you read along you’ll be able to see it.

The People Counter App

People counter apps have very high convenience and accuracy. They are very useful for stall owners and many public institutions.

With the help of a people counter app, you can collate the number of visitors.  It is also helpful for those who have limited room capacity. You’ll be able to find out how many guests can still enter with the help of the people counter app.

The people counter app is a multifunctional application that will be useful to you in all aspects of life. This app contains the best and most useful tools for your work. The people counter app allows you to track the number of visitors in your room.

You don’t need to buy something special or expensive with a camera. Just install the application on your smartphone or tablet and allow it to count automatically. The people counter application keeps lists of incoming and outgoing customers.

The People Counter +App

The people counter+ application is constructed and designed to count visitors who have appeared in the camera lens. You can make use of this app anywhere and anytime. You can use it in cinemas, museums, and shops as well.

You can use this app to see the number of people that can enter the room. When the number reaches a certain level, it notifies you through the application. You can also use the application as an object counter. The people application counter + is very easy to use. It has an interface and has nice designs too. You can even adjust parameters in the application settings

You can use the people counter+ manually. If you have your phone in your right hand then you can choose the right-handed or left-handed mode. In this form, the developers take into account all the smallest details. You can also resize the buttons for your own convenience.

Hypno Counter App

It is a universal application that allows you to count the available number of people and objects around you. You can use it manually or automatically. With this app, you can create several counters, group them, sort them, and much more. The hypno counter app supports entering large and small values.

If your figure approaches zero, the application will notify you of this and send a message to you through the app. The application is also rich in various features.

The scope of the application is very wide and can be used manually.

If you are in a convenient place at the entrance and enter the data about each individual who comes in. For people who have rooms and limited number of accommodations this app is very suitable for them and helps them get the total number of people in your area.

You can also make use of the indicator counter in the application. It is used for traffic analysis and inventory counting. You can use it even in training to count the number of repetition of exercises.

Apps to Count Calories

If you’re not trying to count people and instead you’re interested in counting calories with an app, try the best calorie counter apps, such as Noom, MyFitnessPal, or FatSecret.

In addition to exercise and proper nutrition, try diet supplements like UltraLean Thermo MAX by Nutra BioGenesis. Good luck on your health journey!

How to Get Deleted Apps Back

Apps getting deleted isn’t a new thing amongst users of mobile devices. A lot of the times when an app suddenly goes missing on your phone, there’s a chance that you’d start seeking for several means through which you can get them back. For some people, they quickly figure it out and for some other people, they need to go through a very rigorous process before they can find out and there comes a category of people who never get to figure it out and totally give up on it.

If you find yourself in the second and last category of people, then this article is for you, as you will get to be finding out the ways through which you can get deleted apps back on your smartphone or tablet device.

What Causes the Deletion of an App?

1. When you buy a new phone, it’s very possible that you will lose every single app that you once had. In this case, it only suggested that you locate your Google Play store app, and have them reinstalled again.

2. Mistakenly deleting an app may happen when you deleted the app a long time ago without knowing, and now you have to remember the exact name.

3. Conducting a factory reset automatically takes back your phone to the default mode. This means that you’d definitely lose all the applications on the phone. This can be a great contributor to this.

4. Your phone contacted a virus. When a corrupted software gets into your device, it’s always possible that all your files get corrupted too leaving them with no option but to start misbehaving, which can lead to automatic deletion.

Restore Your Deleted Apps

If you want to recover your lost apps, Google Play (or the Apple Store’s iCloud) are easily the best places to go to, no doubt. Note that you are not downloading again. You are only going to reinstall the app as your Google or Apple account is already registered. Let’s take a look at how you can achieve this:

1. Open the Google Play store app.

2. Once the app comes up, locate the icon that’s characterized by three lines, this will take you to the main menu.

3. Click on the “my apps and games” menu; this will take you to where you’re going to see every app that you once deleted. Even the ones you currently have on your phone will be seen there. Locate your deleted apps and Click “Install.”

4. Reinstall all the apps you want to recover one after the other.

Many people don’t like to find themselves in a situation that has to do with app loss, so they’d go any length to make it reappear on their device. This guide here is the quickest and safest way of recovering your apps from Google Play store, including your paid and free apps.

Best Health App Devices

Taking good care of the body system and ensuring that good health is sustained should be of the utmost importance to everyone.

Stress usually comes when the body must have undergone a lot of troubles, and if not properly attended to, it can cause one to fall ill which can lead to further complications, such as high blood pressure. Keep reading to find some helpful ways through which you can solve your stress issues, as well as a system that will help you monitor your health and dictate when you need medical attention.

EKG Monitor for Your Heart Health

In everything you do, it’s necessary that you check your heart’s health at least once in a while especially if you are one who goes through lots and lots of stressful activities. Getting to know the heart of your health is now made easy as an electrocardiogram (EKG/ECG) monitor. Here are some of the problems EKG can fish out:

1. Irregular heartbeats

2. Chest pain often caused by blocked arteries in the heart

3. The previous occurrence of heart attack

When Do I Need to Get an ECG?

Since we’ve established the fact that ECG is indeed important when we want to detect health problems, you might want to know some of the signs that clearly indicate that it’s time for you to get one.

●      Rapid pulse

●      Shortened breath

●      Constant dizziness

●      The occurrence of fatigue all the time

●      Chest pain

Note: If you aren’t experiencing any serious symptoms, you might want to sit and monitor your health at home before heading to the hospital.

However, it’s important to bear in mind the electrocardiogram monitors are very safe. It doesn’t give electrical shock as many would like to assume. Heart health monitoring is especially important if you are stressed out.

Are You Stressed?

If you’ve ever found yourself feeling so exhausted and low, then Adrenal Health Jump Start by Gaia Herbs is the solution that you’ve been yearning for. This is a natural supplement that clearly helps individuals who are often stressed to get back on their feet by swallowing the capsule.

Some of the things you stand to benefit from taking this supplement include:

●      Adequate support for your adrenal glands.

●      Natural energy promotion

●      A good antidote for stress

The supplement contains 60 liquid phyto caps that are made with pure herbal extracts that are clinically tested for purity by medical professionals. You are surely going to get all the required energy once you start a consistent intake of this supplement.

Health is wealth, so take care of yourself. An ECG/EKG heart health monitor and heart health supplements can help you get back on track faster.

Lucky Go App Reviews

If you love games on your smartphone or tablet that offer rewards, you may want to try your luck at the Lucky Go app on GooglePlay by Luckytech Co. Ltd.

Before we start our Lucky Go app reviews, it is important to note that we are not linked to them in any way. Now, that this is out of the way, let us begin.

Why did we try the app?

It is quite simple. We keep hearing about how the Lucky Go app is one that allows you to win free rewards and possibly even cash money, so we wanted to check it out. Was it too good to be true? Let us continue the journey through our Lucky Go app reviews.

We started by making the cash and coin wins, and we ended up at the redemption process.

Should you try the app or ignore it? Will you enjoy it if you do? Will you come across annoying ads? Keep reading to find out!

What about the ads in it?

There are too many ads in this app, to be honest. Many of them are not awesome. They seem like clickbait. They show you things that will happen, but they do not. Well, they are all commercial hypes. Some of these ads are even outdated.

You may come across ads that show a person winning a lot of money regularly. You will see someone getting cash prizes, and then you will be excited to play.

If you think the above is what you will get when you sign up for the app, please do not waste your time. Many of the apps like Lucky Go app do not give you real rewards.

Most of what you may earn may be from affiliate marketing. You know you have to watch some ads every 2-4 clicks. The earnings from this are added together, and those that use the app are given a small slice of the cake. 

What kind of rewards/cash wins do they offer?

When you use this app, you may have access to small cash winnings. You can only redeem the winnings when the amount is up to $10. You can redeem your coins to get a gift card. For now, the only gift card that you may have access to is the Amazon gift card. I feel that they buy the cards in bulk and share it to their users.

When you have 3 million coins, you get $2 worth of Amazon dollars. You must have at least this many coins before you can get a gift card. Having 5 million coins will earn you a $5 Amazon card. Having 10 million coins will earn you a $10 Amazon gift card.

How do you get these cash wins and coins for redemption?

There are scratch cards, which you are expected to scratch. You will need to scratch three cards and if they match, you earn coins or raffle tickets as a prize.

You can also win via raffles. They run a dollar raffle every hour and weekly raffles that you can win more.

You can use their spin the wheel game to win too. You are given 1 free spin daily. If you watch an ad, you are given at least three spins. You could buy a spin for 4,000 coins.

So, in summary, unless you watching a ton of ads and dealing with clickbait, avoid this app at all costs.

Do You Have Food Allergies But Love Fast Food? Try a Food Allergies App!

For those of us that have taken the gluten-free lifestyle for one reason or the other, it is annoying when we are still made to eat it unknowingly. There are a lot of food allergies apps out there that can help you find what you are looking for and keep off foods that are filled with allergens, no matter what food allergies you have.

Why Use a Food Allergy App?

Food allergy apps allow you to have find out which fast foods to avoid that contain common allergens such as dairy, gluten, and wheat, among other ingredients. You can easily check if the food you want to buy has allergens in it by merely scanning the barcode. All you need to do is use your phone’s camera.

You can also easily search the database to see hundreds of thousands of products that are free from common food allergens. You can do the search via product name, brand, or category.

These types of apps are maintained by experts in the world of food like nutritionists and dietitians.

You can have access to travel cards, as well as dining cards to places that serve allergen-free foods both within the country when traveling internationally.

You can create a list of those things that are safe to buy and those that are not safe because of your food allergies. You can have access to any number of product scans that you want.

You can have access to verified gluten-free product details without stressing you out. With one touch, you can have access to the details of the manufacturers for more detailed information. 

You can have access to manufacturer comments concerning a product that could encompass some awesome information. You can also change the filter option to check out products that are safe and unsafe.

Food Apps We Like

Sift Food Labels

This app is great in breaking down the ingredients of foods. You see those complex ingredients that you see on the label, this app is capable of breaking them down. All you need to do is scan the barcode of the food product that you want. Allow Sift do its magic, and in no time, the ingredients will be translated to terms that you understand.


You can have ingredients of hundreds of thousands of products translated into simple terms. It allows you to know if the ingredients are healthy or dangerous to you. It allows the user to include food preferences in their profile too.


This convenient app uses a barcode scanner to show you pop-up food allergy warnings in the groceries you buy. Enter your family’s food allergies into the app, and it will filter out products for 12 different allergens available.

Also be sure to try allergen-free nutritional supplements to fill any gaps in your diet from companies like Standard Process and Garden of Life. Good luck, and healthy eating!

Innovation Investment Opportunities for App Start-ups

If you’ve got a nice idea to start up an app, it could be the next Slack, Dropbox, or even Snapchat. It could also be a prototype, a concept, or a start-up app with a great vision.

No matter what, making an app is a type of business. Just like starting an agency or opening an eatery, you’ll need assets like investors, traction, tools, a lot of money, and spare time.

Before you forget about your day job, you need your idea to be validated and your funding secured.

You could use websites like Venture Best and TechCrunch for possible innovation investment opportunities, but there are other options as well.

The Start-up App Funding Race

New apps are added to App Store daily. It never stops growing. This shows that apps serve as part of the fastest-growing segment in the technology market over the past decade. By the following years, it is expected to grow to about $100B through the world.

Looking at how these growth projections would continue, the number innovation investment opportunities available should not be too far off.

CrunchBase reports stated that about $18 billions of funds went to about 3,000 app companies that were starting up. A lot of the heavy hitters included Coin Base and Snapchat.

With time, the app market would increase in size and it would keep increasing through all the sectors

Presently, the market has matured and is more prone to double down on the companies that have proven to be better in the market.

Venture Capital Funding

Venture capital funding follows the same trend.

These days, more app companies are entering into the market than before. Now the number of funds is diluted, and it is more difficult than before to get investors to gain funding into your start-up companies than going to other companies that already exist and are more profitable.

With your new idea, don’t let this scare you off. With help, you should get the amount of funding you need for your start-up app company.

There are different stages that you could use to find your start-up company.

If your start-up app idea has been taken by the market, your customers and the conditions and all other investors would make it easier for you to gain a high amount of funds for your app.

Funding comes in several ways; it could come in rounds which would be in several bursts of financing from investors.

Always have hope and know that no start-up app idea of yours is a waste. There are always investors and individuals with good hearts out there. It is up to you to find them – whether asking your family and friends for start-up help, or finding an angel investor.

Pros and Cons About the Teach Me How to Sing App

The future of social media and apps is vast. There are a lot of applications available on the internet and on the App Store for people to learn how to sing. These are also used to increase their singing skills for them to sing better and enjoy themselves while doing it.

But with these teach me how to sing apps, there are both pros and cons to using them. In some ways, they can be compared to using real-life lessons in teaching you how to sing better. Depending on your situation, you may or may not improve your singing voice in these online lessons.

Pros of Teach Me How to Sing App Options

1.     There are times where you might not be able to see your vocal coaches, such as during the coronavirus pandemic. In this case, it’ll be very nice to get vocal training online. Use of an app, in this case, becomes extremely important. There are ways in which the app would teach you how to relax your muscles and help in your musical performance.

2.     These apps have a lot of tips, which could help as you go through the online lessons.

3.     You could get great online lessons, which would be better than the type you would get from a vocal coach at a cheaper price and at your own pace.

4.     The app helps to find all the irregularities available in your voice as you try to improve in your singing.

Cons of Teach Me How to Sing App

1.     Having very good voice coaches could help you improve your singing. These coaches may not believe in using the aid of the internet or teach you how to sing apps.

2.     These voice coaches could give you actual vocal exercises and make sure you do them to improve your singing.

3.     They could also help with physical aids like muscles concentration and demonstration of what should be done with your vocal cords.

4.     A vocal coach can touch the neck and the correct posture for you to breathe properly, which is not possible with an app.

5.     Some people need teachers in real-time to meet singing needs that can’t be handled by the singing app.

What might work for you might not work for someone else. Hence, you need to look at your choices carefully and strategically before decided if you want to use a teach me how to sing app.

Design Your Own Socks, Tees & Tanks with the Silky Socks App

Do you want to get really creative with what you wear? Do you want your tees, socks, and tanks to look totally stylish based on the idea you framed up in your head? Then you should check out the Silky Socks App. It’s a real opportunity to explore the creative part of you. You can now wear designs that you thought about and created yourself! It is really amazing to know that you can create a gorgeous tank top or t-shirt that is your idea – all using this app.

In this article, we will show you what the app is all about and how to use it to create beautiful designs that suit your sense of style. Before we delve into the how to part of the article, here are some of the benefits of using this app. There are numerous things you can do with this app, and the benefits include the following.

3 Ways to Use the Silky Socks App

Create a T-Shirt with Your Business Logo on It

Are you a business person seeking to grow your business using advertisements? Try a wearable, moving advertisement. With the t-shirts worn by you or the people you decide to gift them to, you are already creating awareness for your business. This is an amazing strategy for both new and old businesses.

Get Stylish with Your Face on It

The cool feeling of having your own picture on your clothes is incomparable. Imagine having your own unique style and appearance and the attention you are going to be taking up, all with an app that you can easily download on the App Store. (You could also put your pet’s cute face on the apparel.)

Make Fun Gifts

Are you wondering what to present to your loved ones on their birthdays? Well, you don’t have to look any further. The designs you make with the Silky Socks App can be given to your loved ones as a present.

These are really a few of the vast benefits you’ll enjoy just by using this app. Now let’s get to know how to use the app.

How to Use the Silky Socks App

The app is really easy to use, all you need to do is download Silky Socks from the App Store. Once you have done that, your next step is to open the app and choose whether you want a tank top, full-print shirt, or a blackout shirt. Once you have done that, you should see a photo icon on your screen; click on it to select which picture you want to have printed on the shirt. Be careful when making this choice, because whatever picture you’re choosing must be of really good quality to still maintain clarity after getting expanded to fit the size of the shirt you are choosing. After choosing the perfect image, you can now expand it in any direction and to any size to fit your preference.

With these few steps, you have created your own gorgeous design that you can either show off with or use as an advertisement. Hurry to the App Store now and download the app to explore your creative side.

Once you get your cool socks in the mail, you’ll wear them so much that you may need Plant Therapy’s Odor Zapper. No one likes stinky socks! … In the meantime, enjoy your new creation.

Best Phone Silencer Apps That Still Let Important Calls Through

Everyone deserves to sleep and enjoy a good rest, not to wake up every minute at the phone beep. Or maybe you can’t seem to concentrate on your meeting because your phone won’t stop beeping every 10 minutes, you certainly need to do something about it. It’s hard to ignore a phone beep, and that is why we get up from sleep to press the phone or divert attention from important work just to check messages and take calls.

There are times when we need to silent our phones – in a seminar, meeting, important event, or while sleeping, but some important calls can’t be missed. Wouldn’t it be great if you could silent your phone, but still have it ring for important calls? This is absolutely possible. There are phone silencer apps that keep your phone silent but let important calls through.

With phone silencer apps, you can maintain your sanity,  enjoy a good sleep, concentrate during meetings, without missing important calls and messages. The best phone silencer apps you should have for this effect are a follows.

4 Phone Silencer Apps

Nights Keeper

Nights Keeper is one of the simplest and most popular “Do Not Disturb” apps on Google store for android users. This app blocks all calls except contacts in your “whitelist.” You can configure and create several profiles for days, week, and time, which you can easily activate on the home screen widget.

You can configure the Nights Keeper app to send messages to blocked contact to inform them that you are busy and can’t take their calls. It has an “Emergency Call” feature that allows you to take a call from a non-whitelist contact after several attempts.

Silent Mode App

This app is unique and has lots of amazing features for android. It allows you to set profiles to block calls, silent notifications, set profile scheduling, customize a reply for non-whitelist contacts, etc. The Silent Mode app has a location detection feature that enables a specific profile within a specific location. For instance, if you set your profile to block calls while at your workplace and you are not within your workplace, the app will continue to function, but will not block calls or notification.


AutoSilent mutes your iPhone or iPad during meetings, rest or at scheduled times or locations. The app synchronizes with your iDevice calendar and automatically silent it when you do not want to be disturbed, and puts your ringer back on after the meeting.  It is location-based, so once you get to your school or office, the ringer goes off. A good thing about AutoSilent is that you can configure it to suit your calendar. You can also block some calls and leave others to ring through.

Phone Silencer

You don’t have to worry about missing a call because you forgot your ringer off again. Phone Silencer asks you how long you want to keep your ringer off and puts your ringer right back on when the time elapses. You can configure the app so you don’t miss important calls while your ringer is off.

Best Guitar Effects Apps

Do you know you can record your best tune even without an amp? This is absolutely true. You can enjoy the best guitar effects on your mobile device without stress. There are mobile applications developed to mimic and imitate real guitar gears. The guitar world has taken a turn to enjoy the awesome effects of mobile apps.

Guitar effects apps generate virtual effects, pedals, and guitar amp simulations. Now you can hear the multi-effect stimulation of these apps as you play. Guitar effects apps are great for both professional guitarists and new guitar enthusiasts. You do not need to spend hundreds of dollars on an amp and accessories before you can create a good tune; you only have to set yourself up with the best guitar effects apps.

These apps have greatly improved from what they used to be into all-in-one sufficient mobile applications for every guitarist. The following are the best guitar effects apps you should try.

Try These Guitar Effects Apps

1. Amplitube

Amplitube is one of the best recording studio apps that give you pretty good sounds. It has realistic amp effects and many amazing features like a programmable drummer to make drums for your songs, several stompbox effects, recording studio, tape recorder, microphone, amps, speakers, and a tuner.

It’s an all-in-one recording app. You can create music without having to use multiple apps. Amplitude has everything you need to make good music. However, it doesn’t have social preset dynamics and is only available on iOS.

2. Bias FX Mobile

Bias FX Mobile belongs to a class of its own. This app allows you to customize amp so you won’t be plugging in and jamming. You can play through the amps in Bias. It has amazing features that help you to get extra latency. You get to choose a speaker and microphone that pops in front of the speaker to capture its sound. Amazingly, you can have the mic in 3D space to capture room reverb on your sound.

Everything on Bias is customizable, so you can make it work your way. Working with Bias is nerdy fun, and the sound is just so amazing.

3. AmpKit

The Interface of this app is a bit different. You tap on the amp, effect, or speaker you want and set the parameters in the control panel. It is easy to fall in love with the AmpKit interface as you only have to adjust your parameters, unlike other apps where you are required to tweak a virtual knob on the screen. AmpKit allows you to mix and match amps, effects, and speakers.

It sounds great and has a lot of amazing in-app store features, which provides you with information about the pedal and amp copied.

4. JamUp Pro

JamUp Pro is one of the easiest apps to use. It has a great effect and lots of extra features that make it worthwhile. One of the applaudable features of JamUp is that it allows you to share and download amps from other users. This is amazing, right?

JamUp Pro’s drag and drop feature makes it great for experimenting. It has great flexibility considering that it works with the web developer’s other app, Bias.

5. GarageBand

GarageBand lets you play your guitar through a bunch of pedals and amps. It has a unique feature called Jam Session, which allows you to connect wirelessly to other iOS devices. You can have someone play the guitar, and have another person play the keyboard while you record everybody’s part on another iOS device. Each device is synced and all recordings match up.

GarageBand produces excellent sound and is absolutely fun to use.

Which of these guitar effects apps will you choose?