Best Ways to Record Music on Your Phone

People often say that lousy noises always ruin a nice video, and this saying is true. Today, we will talk about the best ways with which you can record lovely music on our phone. Keep reading, and at the end of this article, you can get on with recording great music on your smartphone. All you just need is a modern smartphone.

Now, let us proceed to the steps.

3 The best steps to recording great music on your phone

Avoid staying far away from the source

Most times you will find yourself recording beautiful music on your phone, but the result will come out poor. In most cases, distance is a problem. Let us assume that you are making a video and you are trying to capture the scene how you want it to be, and you are far away from where the music/sound is coming from, the camera microphone will not be far to get clean audio.

This is not the case with a smartphone. Just get your phone, tap record, and then frame the shot just as want it to be. Next, the phone’s audio track can be mixed or overlaid later onto the video track that you have made. You can decide to reduce the volume of the original audio or to completely delete the audio track.

For it to be easy for you to cut everything together, always remember an old cinematic trick which states that your subject can loudly clap his/her hands once everything begins to record, and then, wait for a second to begin talking. During big productions, clapper boards are being used, but with a loud and simple on-camera clap, you can get a nice visual/audio cue that is needed to align the audio track of your phone later together with the video tracks (raw).

Stop any distortion

Let us assume that you are in a dance club or at an event and the audio track of what you shot has a static sound. This has happened because the surrounding audio in the environment where you are, is too loud for your phone’s microphone.

Many smartphones today do not have custom gain settings to distort high volumes, and downloaded software might not be a perfect solution to that.

All you need in this case is Scotch tape. Just take a small piece and place it over the hole of your phone’s microphone and the amount of loud sound that enters the microphone will be reduced. This will give you a better result. 

Before you place the scotch tape over the microphone, ensure that the edges have no seam or bubble. You can still use other kinds of tape like paper, duct, masking, and more until you arrive at the best fit for your environment and smartphone.

Turn on your phone’s airplane mode

You may be surprised at this step, but it works. Take, for instance, you are recording nice music, and in the middle, you get a notification or text message which comes with loud noises, your lovely recording will be messed up and ruined.

So, to avoid such happening to you, always remember to turn on your airplane mode to avoid receiving any message or notification, and also mute your phone’s volume when your location is on so that you can have a perfect music recording on your smartphone. For more info for Apple iPhone users, go here. For Samsung phone owners, go here.

The next step would be for you to record your own music! With the 3 steps that are mentioned above, you can capture and record your own wonderful musical creations on your phone. Guitar (either acoustic or electric) and bass guitar are great starter options! To learn more about music and vintage guitars, visit To learn more about bass guitars, go to

Video Glasses Reviews

When we watch spy movies, we become excited because of the gadgets that we see there. One thing that we have grown to love is a pair of spy-like video glasses that allow you to see and record things. Now, you can have access to these video glasses. They come with advanced camera technology, area reliable, and can record things in HD video quality. Most of them are quite affordable.

We are going to look at some video glasses reviews for those who are thinking of getting some.

6 Top Video Glasses Reviews

GoGloo E7 Polarized

This is one of our favorites on our list of video glasses reviews. It is quite stylish compared to its counterparts. It also comes with a 110-degree field of view. It possesses an adjustable camera, meaning that you can’t mistakenly take a video of the sky. Its 22 degrees of tilt is awesome too.

The WiseUp Wearable Mini

These video glasses have a 16-gigabyte microSD card, which means they can store a lot of videos there. You could also replace the memory card with 32 gigabytes.

The fact that it has half-frame design means that you can be comfortable and seem cool at the same time. The glasses can handle up to 1080p recording at 30 frames for every second.

Oho Sunshine Video

This pair of video glass is great for beach lovers, as it is waterproof, meaning that you can take it into the water without being scared. It costs about $100. It is dustproof and this can be seen in its IP66 dust-proof capacity.

It comes in different hues, which you may love.

GoGloo POV

These video glasses cost over $100, and they are worth it. They come with an ultrawide, 150-degree capture angle.

They have a large circular lens and are not as bulky as their counterparts. Apart from that, you have access to UV400 eye protection.

The Kamre Full HD Sunglasses

This pair of glasses cost about $60 and can be found in different sporty configurations. If you want, you can also have access to it in different colors. You can also go for one that has a wide-angle lens, which allows you to look at your environment more fully.

Hereta Spy Support 

This costs around $50, and you can effortlessly link it to your computer through a USB. This allows you to transfer the image that you have captured. You can also use it as a webcam if it is linked to your computer. 

Be sure to check the privacy laws of your region to see if these glasses are legal there.

How to Screenshot on iPhone 11

It feels so nice to be in the world of facial recognition, gesture-based navigation, and all the other benefits of using an iPhone 11. You shouldn’t miss the home button while using this phone apart from the usual process of taking a screenshot. Without the home button, it means taking a screenshot on this new device of yours would be completely different from taking a screenshot on phones with the home button.

If you’ve previously used an iPhone XS, iPhone X, or even an iPhone XR, you should be familiar with this screenshot taking process. Because there’s no home button on this iPhone, Apple uses a different way on this phone to take screenshots.

Guide to How to Screenshot on iPhone 11

Press the volume up and the side button, which is normally known as the sleep/wake button, and the volume up button at the same time on your iPhone 11. And after you leave these buttons, you’ll notice a sign that you have taken a screenshot.

Screenshot Steps for iPhone 11

How to Edit the Screenshot

Normally, you’ll hear the usual camera sound, and then a preview of the screenshot would show at the bottom of the screen which would show you different signs which could be used to edit the screenshot. You could edit it by cropping from here too.

If you don’t want to hear a sound from your iPhone 11, then simply put the phone on mute.

Share the Screenshot

From this point, you could hold the preview and then go to the share sheet and send the screenshot to any app you desire.

If you don’t want to share the screenshot to anyone, you could easily dismiss it. And from this point, it would be simply saved in the screenshot album in your photos app.

Take Screenshots Using Assistive Touch with iPhone 11

You could use assistive touch to take a screenshot using only one hand.

To do so you should enable assistive touch. And to do this, you need to go to your settings, then general, accessibility then assistive touch, and then you need to enable the assistive touch option. From this point on your phone, you’ll see a transparent button that not so clear that it would be added to your screen.

Arrange Your Top Level Menu

Touch the customize top level menu. From this point, tap on the one with the star, touch screenshot from the list, and then the screenshot button would be added to the assistive touch menu. You could also tap on the default icons to change it with the screenshot button or anyone that is on the list.

Take a Screenshot Using Assistive Touch

At this point you’ve got the screenshot button arranged on your assistive touch menu, too would be able to take a single-handed screenshot at any time and you could tap on the assistive touch button, which would follow by the screenshot button.

All your screenshots are available in your screenshots album in your phone storage.

Coolest LED Light Phone Accessories

LED light accessories are the trendiest phone accessories right now. They are chic and super cute on every phone. Most importantly, if you are looking to capture bright and clear selfies, you need a LED light to give you as much light as possible. The use of LED light accessories has tremendously helped in capturing supreme quality selfies easily, even in the dark.

LED light phone accessories are so much desirable because they are easy, effective, and of course, fancy. The LED light is wireless and comes in attractive and eye-catching phone cases and lights. If you want to capture yourself in bright light conditions, you certainly need a LED light accessory.

If you are planning to take your selfie game to the next level, we have made a list of the coolest LED light phone accessories you can buy.

5 LED Light Phone Options

Luvami Best Selfie Light Ring

Luvami designed a 32 LED light rings that works with virtually all brands of smartphone. It one of the world’s best-selling selfie lights right now. It has an impressive bright flashlight that ensures that pictures taken whether in dim light or darkness come out with supreme quality. Luvami ring light is exceptional and quite easy to use. The 32 LED light is portable, lightweight, and does not require any app to function.

Glow-in-the-Dark Luminous Phone Case

This glow light phone case makes your phone stylish as it provides additional lighting benefits. The case is made of high tempered glass, such that it reinforces your phone with extra protection that you wouldn’t get from regular phone cases. It is lightweight, so going about with your phone won’t be burdensome. You can charge glow-in-the-dark luminous case in sunlight or any light to maintain the light glow.

Ingenious Selfie Ring Light

Ingenious Selfie Ring Light is a 32 LED light ring specially designed to give a decent picture quality. It is designed to function with a wide range of smartphone brands. It is made with plastic and is reliable, durable and shockproof. It can easily help you have great shots and videos anywhere.

Wellerly iPhone Case

Wellerly is a lovely LED light phone case brand with superb features. It does more than serving as a phone case, it has LED lights that can illuminate when needed. The LED light is perfect for selfie time as it helps you to take the best selfies.

The light is rechargeable and a single full charge can last up to 6 hours. It is a perfect LED light accessory for everyone who wants a luminous glow and perfect lighting for selfies.

FULLOPTO phone case

This LED light phone case makes it fun to use your phone. It has special features that support daytime and night illumination. It allows you to take a bright and perfect selfie with its built-in case LED light. It takes only one click to adjust the light and modes on your FULLOPTO LED light phone case. It is a guarantee of extra protection and bright illumination.

New Technological Studies Examine the Use of Calcium in Batteries

One of the applaudable things about science and technology is continuous evolvement. Scientists across the globe are more interested in honing or building on pre-existing conditions to develop new technologies. One of the attention-grabbing aspects for scientists is building batteries that are as efficient as lithium batteries, cheaper, and that can appeal to the global market.

Why Calcium Batteries?

Calcium ranks as the fifth most abundant element in the Earth’s crust. It has safety advantages and has an equal geographical distribution. Scientists are after it because it is non-toxic (making it environment friendly  and has a low cost since its widely abundant. Considering the properties of calcium, it qualifies as the most suitable candidate to replace lithium-ion batteries.

The quest for efficient, low-cost batteries brought about the inventory of calcium batteries. Calcium has the potential to be used in batteries, as a replacement for lithium. This development gives hope of a cheaper and friendlier alternative to lithium-ion batteries. Calcium-based batteries come with a low manufacturing cost and high energy that may replace lithium-ion technology.

An Electrolyte Makes All the Difference

Much effort has been put into developing an electrolyte that is suitable to charge calcium batteries at room temperature. This has been the cause of the standstill on calcium-based batteries for a long time. The electrolyte is the medium that transmits the flow of electrical charge in a battery. Without this, calcium-based batteries may not function.

Just recently, an electrolyte that can enable calcium plating and stripping was discovered. The electrolyte offers a promise of complete function calcium-based batteries. The development of a suitable electrolyte will enable the calcium batteries to charge at room temperature and function as expected.

For the first time, an electrolyte with impressive electrolytic properties has been used to demonstrate calcium batteries at room temperature. The previous electrolytes suffered several hindrances, including poor stability, high operating temperatures, and poor anodic stability.

German scientists (Fichtner’s Group) inspired by their recent work on magnesium batteries used a one-step synthesis to produce calcium tetrakis borate. This electrolyte has a very large anion that interacts weakly with the cation, creating a high ionic activity, similar to those in lithium-ion batteries. The anion of calcium tetrakis borate is surrounded by fluoride group, which means there is high stability in the electrolyte.

This fluorine-containing compound has a wide electrochemical window and good stability that will open doors for high-energy calcium batteries. The discovery widens the path to focus on testing new electrode materials for calcium in batteries and to pursue a fundamental understanding of electrolytes and the chemical properties that make them suitable for use.

There is still a need to make further improvements to modify the electrolyte composition (an additive, concentration, and solvent). Now that a suitable electrolyte has been discovered, it can be improved to produce cheaper, safer, and more environment-friendly calcium-based batteries.

What are your thoughts about calcium in batteries?

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 vs Note 10+

In August 2019, the Samsung Galaxy series let a new cat out of the bag. The new Galaxy Note 10 and 10+ were befitting consumers, but these two smart phones are here to stay and have indeed taken over the home of mobile phones.

Both models – the Samsung Note 10 and 10+ – have a lot of similar features, but no two Galaxy series are ever completely the same. Here is a list of differences to help you decide which of them suits your preference.

7 Differences Between the Galaxy Note 10 vs Note 10+


The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is cheaper than the Note 10+. The former is sold for $950, whereas the latter is sold at $1100.  Let’s take a look at the reasons for the $150 difference.

Size and Outlook

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ has a bigger screen measuring up to 6.8 inches, whereas the Note 10 screen is just about 6.3 inches long. Both phones have the same width, but the Note 10+ weighs an ounce more. Also, there is no difference in the size of the S pen. Both phones do not have headphone jacks.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has three cameras; excluding, of course, the front camera. Two of the three cameras are telephoto shooters with a resolution of 12-megapixels. The third camera is an ultra-wide lens camera with a resolution of 16-megapixels. The phone has a 10-megapixel front camera for capturing amazing selfies.

The Note 10+ has the same arrangement. However, there is a fourth lens placed under the flash to measure distance and depth in 3D space.


In terms of display, both phones are slightly different. Although, they both use the Samsung Amoled tech, the Note 10+ has a higher screen resolution of about 1440 pixels, while the Note 10 has a screen resolution of 1080 pixels. This subtle difference accounts for a higher graphic display and better user experience, giving you money’s worth at a premium level.


This is one aspect where you can boldly say the Note 10 and the Note 10+ are Siamese twins. Both phones use Samsung’s OneUI model and Android version 9 (pie) which can be upgraded to Android 10.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ has about the highest battery capacity ever built in the Samsung Note Series. It has an energy pack of 4300mAh which lasts for up to ten hours with the LTE fully active and working. On the other hand, Samsung Note 10, has a battery capacity of 3500mAh.

Both phones share a 25-watt charger capacity and a 15-watt wireless charging capacity. However, the Note 10+ has a 45-watt charger option, which unfortunately has to be bought separately.


Both phones have outstanding memory capacity but the Note 10+ has a little edge over it’s junior. It has 12 gigabyte RAM capacity as against Note 10 which stops at 8 gigabyte. Also, the storage capacity of the Note 10+ has a 512 gigabyte variant. But the Note 10 stops at 256 gigabytes.

If you’re looking to buy a smart phone for regular use at a good price, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 would be a great option. However, if you’re looking for a real mobile asset for all your online and offline transactions, the Samsung Note 10+ is honestly your best buy.

How to Protect Your Eyes from Digital Damage

Some people say that if you peep through the eye, you can see the soul. While this may not exactly be true, the aphorism goes to show that the eye illuminates the entire body and is very sensitive, especially to light. In order to maintain a high optical performance of these light receptors, one has to take many precautionary steps. This, however, is not so easy considering the variety of on-screen digital devices we use daily. Against this backdrop, we have drawn up a list of preventive measures to help you protect your eyes from digital damage. 

8 Ways to Protect Your Eyes from Digital Damage

1. Keep the screen far from your eyes: Some call it the 20-20-20 rule. It is strongly advised that you keep the screen of the digital device you are working with at least twenty meters away from your eyes. It is true that this may not always be possible. We, however, advise you to keep your digital devices at a reasonably far distance from your eyes. Also, you should look away every twenty minutes for at least twenty seconds. This will help reduce the constancy of the glare and ultimately reduce eye strain.

2. Use protective screen covers: Protective screen covers reduce the strength of the rays on the eyes. An anti-glare screen or coating if used on the screen of your digital device, will reduce the directness of the light on the eye. Also, some screen covers are reader-friendly. It is strongly recommended that you use these screen covers if your job involves reading and typing on-screen.

3. Adjust the brightness of your digital device: Adjusting the brightness of your digital device to suit your environment can also reduce the strain on your eyes. That way, it will be easy for your eyes to adjust.

4. Blink regularly: Regularly blinking of the eyes cleans the eyes and helps to reduce dryness. Also, the concentration of light rays on your eyes would be reduced if you blink regularly.

5. Take period eye examinations: The importance of periodic eye examinations cannot be overemphasized. While we may think our eyes are perfect because we can see far and clearly, the reverse may be the case when we go for proper eye examinations. An examination taken in time will help mitigate the outcome of any possible damage. Don’t be too sure. Take frequent eye tests!

6. The light source should be behind you: Whenever you’re using a digital device, ensure that the source of light is behind you rather than in front of you. This will reduce the workload on your eyes.

7. Wear protective glasses: It is strongly recommended that you wear glasses with anti-reflective coating to avoid direct entrance of the rays. If you use these glasses, you will be able to use your devices for a longer period.

8. Take eye health support supplements: We recommend Life Extension’s Gummy Science Digital Eye Support, as well as beta carotene, lutein and astaxanthin supplements.

Love to Create Lip-Sync Videos? Here are More Apps Like Dubsmash

Dubsmash is currently one of the best apps when it comes to creating lip-sync videos. It affords users the opportunity to lip-sync to songs, audio files, dialogs, etc. Aside from being able to lip-sync, this app offers you the opportunity to search for audio file categories from its advanced library. Interestingly, videos created can either be shared with your friends and loved ones on social media or just saved on your mobile device for your viewing pleasure alone.

With more people interested in creating lip-sync videos either to promote a song or to tell their friends that they’re listening to a certain song, a number of apps like Dubsmash have been designed and made available for download. In this piece, we’ll take a look at some of the apps like Dubsmash.

3 Apps Like Dubsmash

1. TikTok

Like the Dubsmash app, you can create amazing lip-sync videos on TikTok. While being an alternative to Dubsmash, TikTok happens to be quite different from it. It offers users the opportunity to choose from a variety of languages, audio clips, and sound. Unlike Dubsmash, you can create amazing videos, have it edited, then add special effects to it. Once you are done, you can decide to share or save on your device.

There is a wide range of filters and stickers that you can add to your videos to spice it up. One of the main features of this app that sets it apart from other apps like Dubsmash is that it comes with audio clips in languages of over a hundred countries. When it comes to the music genre, users have a variety to choose from. It is truly an amazing app that wants to simplify the process of making lip-sync videos.

2. Dubshot

With this app, you can conveniently dub your videos and add audio files like songs and dialogs with Dubshot. Being an alternative to Dubsmash, Dubshot offers you the opportunity to add audio files from different countries to your videos. One feature that separates this app from Dubsmash and other apps like Dubsmash is the fact that you can view videos of other users. Like almost every other lip-sync app like Dubsmash, you can share your videos once completed to your friends on social media.

3. MuStar

With this alternative to Dubsmash, you can create lip-sync videos from millions of songs. One interesting fact you’d love to know about this app is that you don’t have to create an account to begin making use of it. There is also a search feature where you can search from millions of audio files and songs to lip-sync to.Aside from making your lip-sync videos, MuStar affords you the opportunity to edit these videos before sharing them on social media. With this app, you can start dance challenges and invite your friends to view and vote for their favorite. For users looking for advanced features, you can upgrade to the premium version of this app for a small fee.

Tech Help: Changing Apple ID Security Questions

As a telecommunication company, Apple is renowned for many things. But, a standout among them is its high-end security protocols and systems. When it comes to keeping users’ information safe on their devices and the cloud-based storage, Apple goes the extra mile in that area. To ensure that you are the only one who has access to the information stored on your device, Apple uses security questions to verify your identity. The answer to these questions is provided by you, and Apple expects you to keep them secret. However, if for some reason, you forgot your answers to the security questions, Apple will give you another chance to verify your identity, and reset your ID security questions.

If you are experiencing difficulty in accessing important information on your Apple device, because you somehow forgot the right answers to your ID security questions, then consider this article your guide for changing Apple ID security questions.

Changing Apple ID Security Questions: Step by Step

Step 1:

Go to your Apple ID account page and click Forgot Apple ID or password. Make sure the URL is spelled correctly, because there are many fake sites out there with similar URLs. Some of them even have look-alike pages imitating Apple’s ID page, to mislead you so you’ll part with your ID information. (Also be sure you don’t have any undercover apps on your phone that may spy on you and steal your information.)

Tip: The real website has a wealth of information on Apple and its products.

Step 2:

Provide your Apple ID login details to access your account. Don’t forget to check and double-check your login details to avoid login errors. When you are satisfied with what you have written, click on continue.

Step 3:

Move to the security section on the Apple ID page, and click on Edit. Since you can’t remember your initial security questions, click on the reset option from the subsequent menu. Then click on continue or press enter from your keyboard.

Step 4:

Provide your Apple ID login details to verify your identity. This step is important since you don’t want strangers poking around your files and important documents. Once you are done, click Continue.

Step 5:

Follow the ensuing instructions to verify your identity. You’ll be required to provide legitimate answers to a few personal questions depending on the details of your account and other similar factors. If you fail to answer at least one of these questions correctly, you won’t be able to verify your identity, neither will you be able to reset your security questions.

Step 6:

The last step in changing Apple ID security questions is to choose new questions and answers. While we are on the subject, it is worth mentioning that you shouldn’t choose security questions that are impossible to forget. Of course, you shouldn’t choose Apple ID security questions that are super easy either.

Although Apple gives you the chance to change your security questions, changing Apple ID security questions over and over again can make it even more difficult to remember the answers to your security questions. So be careful what you choose to do.

Other Methods to Changing Apple ID Security Questions

On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, look for your Apple ID in your iCloud or iTunes & App Store settings. Tap Settings, then tap your name. Change the security questions there.

Or, you can tap Settings, then tap Accounts & Passwords. On iOS 10.3 or earlier, tap Settings, select Mail, choose Contacts, then tap Calendars. You can find more information on Apple’s website.

Weight Loss Benefits of the MyFitnessPal Health App

The MyFitnessPal Health App is one of the most innovative apps and websites that helps you track the number of calories that are situated in your body. The app helps its users track their calorie intake and the rate at which their body burns these calories. It is a very good app because it helps its users keep their fitness goals in check. Having excessive calorie intake in your body may cause serious health problems to you as an individual, so in this article, we will be going through four great benefits of the MyFitnessPal Health App to you, and why you should get it for yourself today.

4 Reasons to Try the MyFitnessPal Health App

It helps you develop the fitness habit.

Most times, a lot of people want to work out and get fit, but they often do not have the right motivation and they have not developed this as a habit. The major benefit of the MyFitnessPal Health App is that it helps you cultivate good fitness habits. For instance, if you want to begin tracking your diet, this app gives you a whole lot of features, so diet tracking becomes something that you are used to overtime.

Your fitness goals become easier to reach.

With the MyFitnessPal Health App, you will be able to reach all your fitness goals within the shortest possible time. This is because the app keeps a record of your recipes, the food you eat, and the exercise that’s part of your daily routine to reach your goals. With the MyFitnessPal Health App, you will have no issue with knowing what to do at any point when you are working on yourself.

It helps you stay accountable throughout your fitness journey.

A lot of times, people do not achieve their fitness goals simply because they are not accountable. Their routine exercises are often irregular, and this could cause major problems in your weight loss journey. The MyFitnessPal Health App helps you solve that issue. It helps you to become accountable for every part of your weight loss evolution. When you work out, it keeps track of the time you spend and the number of calories you were able to shed. This helps you to reach your weight loss goals faster.

It helps you maintain your weight loss.

A lot of times when people lose weight they often find it difficult to still maintain this healthy lifestyle that they now have. The energy and passion that made them want to lose weight before dies down. The MyFitnessPal Health App helps you maintain your weight loss to the best of your ability.

At regular intervals, the app helps you by suggesting new nutrient goals that you must reach. Once you have achieved that, it suggests more. These suggestions help you to maintain your weight loss and keep fit regularly.

To crush your fitness goals this year, using the MyFitnessPal Health App is vital. You can also take great nutritional supplements from sources like Designs for Health, and try SlimStyles with PGX Weight Loss Drink Mix by Natural Factors to help you with your overall fitness journey.

The MyFitnessPal Health App is a great platform for everyone looking for a way to squash their fitness goals at any time.