Tech Help: Changing Apple ID Security Questions

As a telecommunication company, Apple is renowned for many things. But, a standout among them is its high-end security protocols and systems. When it comes to keeping users’ information safe on their devices and the cloud-based storage, Apple goes the extra mile in that area. To ensure that you are the only one who has access to the information stored on your device, Apple uses security questions to verify your identity. The answer to these questions is provided by you, and Apple expects you to keep them secret. However, if for some reason, you forgot your answers to the security questions, Apple will give you another chance to verify your identity, and reset your ID security questions.

If you are experiencing difficulty in accessing important information on your Apple device, because you somehow forgot the right answers to your ID security questions, then consider this article your guide for changing Apple ID security questions.

Changing Apple ID Security Questions: Step by Step

Step 1:

Go to your Apple ID account page and click Forgot Apple ID or password. Make sure the URL is spelled correctly, because there are many fake sites out there with similar URLs. Some of them even have look-alike pages imitating Apple’s ID page, to mislead you so you’ll part with your ID information. (Also be sure you don’t have any undercover apps on your phone that may spy on you and steal your information.)

Tip: The real website has a wealth of information on Apple and its products.

Step 2:

Provide your Apple ID login details to access your account. Don’t forget to check and double-check your login details to avoid login errors. When you are satisfied with what you have written, click on continue.

Step 3:

Move to the security section on the Apple ID page, and click on Edit. Since you can’t remember your initial security questions, click on the reset option from the subsequent menu. Then click on continue or press enter from your keyboard.

Step 4:

Provide your Apple ID login details to verify your identity. This step is important since you don’t want strangers poking around your files and important documents. Once you are done, click Continue.

Step 5:

Follow the ensuing instructions to verify your identity. You’ll be required to provide legitimate answers to a few personal questions depending on the details of your account and other similar factors. If you fail to answer at least one of these questions correctly, you won’t be able to verify your identity, neither will you be able to reset your security questions.

Step 6:

The last step in changing Apple ID security questions is to choose new questions and answers. While we are on the subject, it is worth mentioning that you shouldn’t choose security questions that are impossible to forget. Of course, you shouldn’t choose Apple ID security questions that are super easy either.

Although Apple gives you the chance to change your security questions, changing Apple ID security questions over and over again can make it even more difficult to remember the answers to your security questions. So be careful what you choose to do.

Other Methods to Changing Apple ID Security Questions

On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, look for your Apple ID in your iCloud or iTunes & App Store settings. Tap Settings, then tap your name. Change the security questions there.

Or, you can tap Settings, then tap Accounts & Passwords. On iOS 10.3 or earlier, tap Settings, select Mail, choose Contacts, then tap Calendars. You can find more information on Apple’s website.