Dangers of Automated Social Media Robots

It is no news that we have social media robots in existence, and many of them seem like human beings. We’re talking about automated messages like customer service replies from companies you’ve shopped with, or automated posts that don’t really resemble ads in your social media feed. We’re also talking about targeted fake news posts, or politically charged messages from public interest groups trying to sway your vote. 

It’s a dangerous world online these days, and it’s hard to discern what is real news vs. fake news. That’s why the dangers of automated social media robots are a real concern. Social media robots are seen as bots with opinions that are capable of changing the way we see things on social media. Keep reading to learn more!

Concerns with Social Media Robots

Social media robots are known to act like humans while using social media channels. Most times, they do not say that they are machines, and they target private accounts to a large extent.

Usually, human users may be deceived by these social media robots because they feel that they are discussing topics of importance with human beings. These bots, sometimes, do not tell human users that they are bots.

Most brands use these bots to propagate opinions concerning some matters on different social media platforms. They may speak ill of competitors, whether they’re other brands or political candidates.

A lot of brands make use of social media robots to boost their marketing strategy. They have been used, in the past, to make humans feel that some products are popular, thereby convincing prospects to purchase them. Some even post fake reviews on products or pose as brand influencers.

Social Media Robots in Politics

It is no news that people use social media robots for political reasons too. Some political groups use bots to change the way people feel about a topic. They claim to represent the thoughts of some politicians or parties, which may not be true.

To make the world feel that a political opponent is bad, these bots are used to send out spurious details about candidates. This is one reason people tend to connote these bots with things like hate speech, fake news, and so on.

Social media robots have even affected media firms, journalists, and social events. Do you know that there is currently an industry that caters to the creation of social bots? With the growth of social media, this is a booming business, with a lot of clients.

There are numerous politicians that want to start a hate campaign against their opponents. They know that doing it themselves may lead to them being seen in a negative light, hence they use these social media robots.

If a brand wants to make its competitors seem bad, they tend to make use of social bots in spreading poor opinions about them. Do you know that social bots are legal? They are also part of a lucrative industry that is growing daily.

A lot of people are of the opinion that the fact that a lot of social media users exist, and the influence of bots will continue to increase. If care is not taken, these social media robots could potentially be used to start riots, wars, and so on.

What this means is that the increasing usage of bots could negatively affect the society that we live in. This can be seen in the thoughts and articles published by a number of respected news magazines. 

Today, social media robots may merely be used to make political opponents look bad or make a brand seem sloppy, but in the future, it could wreck even more damage. It could even be the cause of the third world war if care is not taken to change the regulations on such bots. The future of social media – and the world is in our hands.