Digital Attention Games for Kids and Other Ways to Improve Their Focus for Learning

It is no news that we love our kids, and that is why we try our best to ensure that they have the best lifestyle that we can afford for them. We try to ensure that we offer them attention games for kids that can heighten their attention span. Do you know that there are a lot of attention games for kids in existence that can nurture your kids on how to stay focused on an activity for a long time?

It is no news that helping a kid that has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder isn’t easy. Telling your kid to stop doing that or start doing that may annoy you. It is understandable. This doesn’t make you a bad parent.

Instead of giving orders, you could incorporate some attention games for kids that will usher some fun instead. You could get the kid to improve their attention span in a fun manner.

Research has gone on to show that kids getting involved in play activities daily will build their attention span. We have put together some games that you should try out. 

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Concentration Game: “Freeze” Time

Have you ever felt that it is difficult to tutor your kids on how to stay calm and do nothing? You can add more fun to it by asking them to play like a statue. A statue stays one plan and is calm. To get the kid to be calm, you can scream, “Freeze!”

Your child should be allowed to stay still for some time. You could start with 10 seconds, then increase the time later on. If he or she wins and doesn’t move at all during that period, reward him or her by telling him or her to freeze into a statue. You could consider getting him or her to play freeze tag if he or she is hyperactive.

You could also tell him or her to act like he or she has been struck by a spell, like in “Sleeping Beauty.” They are not allowed to move while they pretend to be sleeping. It is only when the “Fairy Godparent” (that’s you) comes to unfreeze him or her that they are allowed to move. 

Tabletop Games for Focus

You could also try out painting, working on a puzzle, or having fun with water balloons outside with your kids. It is a great exercise. If he or she is able stay concentrated on your activities with them, you can give them a reward. It will act as motivation.