Do You Have Food Allergies But Love Fast Food? Try a Food Allergies App!

For those of us that have taken the gluten-free lifestyle for one reason or the other, it is annoying when we are still made to eat it unknowingly. There are a lot of food allergies apps out there that can help you find what you are looking for and keep off foods that are filled with allergens, no matter what food allergies you have.

Why Use a Food Allergy App?

Food allergy apps allow you to have find out which fast foods to avoid that contain common allergens such as dairy, gluten, and wheat, among other ingredients. You can easily check if the food you want to buy has allergens in it by merely scanning the barcode. All you need to do is use your phone’s camera.

You can also easily search the database to see hundreds of thousands of products that are free from common food allergens. You can do the search via product name, brand, or category.

These types of apps are maintained by experts in the world of food like nutritionists and dietitians.

You can have access to travel cards, as well as dining cards to places that serve allergen-free foods both within the country when traveling internationally.

You can create a list of those things that are safe to buy and those that are not safe because of your food allergies. You can have access to any number of product scans that you want.

You can have access to verified gluten-free product details without stressing you out. With one touch, you can have access to the details of the manufacturers for more detailed information. 

You can have access to manufacturer comments concerning a product that could encompass some awesome information. You can also change the filter option to check out products that are safe and unsafe.

Food Apps We Like

Sift Food Labels

This app is great in breaking down the ingredients of foods. You see those complex ingredients that you see on the label, this app is capable of breaking them down. All you need to do is scan the barcode of the food product that you want. Allow Sift do its magic, and in no time, the ingredients will be translated to terms that you understand.


You can have ingredients of hundreds of thousands of products translated into simple terms. It allows you to know if the ingredients are healthy or dangerous to you. It allows the user to include food preferences in their profile too.


This convenient app uses a barcode scanner to show you pop-up food allergy warnings in the groceries you buy. Enter your family’s food allergies into the app, and it will filter out products for 12 different allergens available.

Also be sure to try allergen-free nutritional supplements to fill any gaps in your diet from companies like Standard Process and Garden of Life. Good luck, and healthy eating!