Donald Trump Launches His Own Social Media Site

I saw this coming. I honestly saw this coming. I’m saying this because after all the drama Trump caused when it was time for Biden to claim his presidential role, Trump was going around several different social media platforms, mainly Twitter, to stress EVERYONE. I mean! I wrote an article last month and the month before about Trump simply letting Biden win in peace. 

After Trump did all he could do and realized it wasn’t working, he has run away, and now he still wants to make headlines by creating his own social media platform. Old Man Mark Zuckerberg should start calling him because I don’t understand this man again. 

He has been shunned by several social media platforms, especially Facebook and Twitter. Like everyone is just tired of him. No wonder they voted him out. 

So the world is expecting Trump to start his own social media platform in about three months. It could be before the third month, though. 

This could be one of the hottest tickets on social media. Trump thinks this would change the game of social media and how it works. Let’s see what he plans to do, though. 

Trump was banned from Social Media Platforms 

Did you know that Trump was banned from Twitch, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter? This is quite funny, though. It occurred after a very violent mob of extremists stormed the United States Capital because of Trump’s falsehoods on Twitter and other platforms related to the United States elections. I said it; I know this would be the reason he would get banned. Because why did they not ban Barack Obama?

It has been stated that Trump has been talking to several companies. Trump also stated that this brand new social media platform would attract tens of millions of people. 

For former President Donald Trump, this might not be very easy, or it might not feel like just creating a new website. Parler, the social network which the donor backed to Trump Rebekah Mercer, gave her voice to the right-wing extremists after the United States Capitol riot. They stated that it has been struggling to stay on the internet after being banned by Apple, Google, and Amazon. Stripe stopped processing payments that went through from Trump’s campaign website in January. Without the support from substantial cloud providers and processors of payments, building services that would scale to tens of millions of users actively online could be a challenging task that this ex-president of the United States might not have the mental energy to handle. 

My thoughts on all of this 

All I have to say is, let’s see what would happen. Who knows, we could all love the social media platform when it comes out. Maybe it could have things other social media platform doesn’t have. Whatever the case may be, we shall see it when the platform goes live.