They are different thousands of apps that we can get at our disposal. It doesn’t take a minute for them to overcrowd our phone screen. Apps tend to make us more efficient, and it also improves our daily lives. But most times, if you’re trying to find this app on your phone screen can consume your time and at times leads to frustration.

Have you for one day spent more than a minute hunting for the apps on your phone screen? It might make you start considering organizing your apps to pave the way for easier access to the apps on your phone. Therefore, this article will consider some creative ways in which you can follow through to organize your apps on your smartphone.

Verb-based folders-:

Folders are labeled based on the things you can do with the apps. Some people have found that default category names, for example, “Reference,” “Utilities,” and “Productivity,” are not precise. Therefore, you can take a minute to ponder what you use your phone to do.

And you can ask yourself the following questions: do you listen to music? Do you watch videos on YouTube? Did you read the news? So, When you label folders to the verb “listen,” “watch,” ” play,” and so on, it can help you to jump quickly to the app that you’re looking for, which makes it easier and faster.

Color Coding-:

They are apps that have been organized by color-coding. This app is not just meant for Note closets or emails. There is more to color-coding. Icons visual app is designed in a fantastic way that it can be easily identified and memorable.

The human mind is made in a unique way in the sense that when it comes to color, it quickly identify the different color that we have, be it pink, green, blue, but black and white label is not easily identified. When it comes to navigating your phone, color can be beneficial in navigating the phone quickly.

Although the result after organizing color code, your smartphone might look like a rainbow color scheme, you can be confident that as color fills the space in your app organization, it will make your life run smoothly. Therefore, making you locate your apps quickly with less frustration.

Alphabetical order-:

People who love the A-to-Z world will find this method helpful in organizing your phone in alphabetical order; you don’t need a manual; there is a better way to follow through. So, the following are the easiest way to sort them out on your phone.

  • Launched the setting app.
  • Tap “General.”
  • Tap “Reset” when you scroll down.
  • Tap “Reset Home Screen Layout.”

Apple phones do come along with icons, and it will place the icons in the locations quickly.

There is another option you can follow creating an “A” folder and “B” folder if you are the type that likes your apps in bins.


There are several ways to set up and organizing apps on your phone screen. The way you hold your phone is also essential. Follow the above steps and get started with organizing your new phone apps in a more effortless and less stressful way.