Facebook is Building a Metaverse (Virtual Reality World)

Did you hear that Facebook has started building a Metaverse? A variety of tech companies with Sony gave Epic games a billion dollars to effectively build the next evolution of what you and I could do on the internet. And they are all screaming Mark Zuckerberg’s name helter-skelter. 

At the beginning of the week, various companies gave Epic Games a lot of money to help them build Facebook’s Metaverse. 

This sort of thing always happens. Both to the companies and epic. Whenever plans come to build something like Facebook’s Metaverse, the companies always publicly announce what they would spend the money on. When it comes to gaming, there tends to be spent on the creation of brand new games. For technological companies, it would be on nothing but brand new technologies. In the case of Facebook, it would be a brand new social media platform. 

Facebook would be calling this new discovery the Metaverse. Sounds cool, doesn’t it. 

Tim Sweeney, the CEO, remained grateful to our existing and brand new investors who supported the Metaverse vision and epic. Their investment would help increase the speed of work around building social experiences which are connected in Fortnite. 

Things like Fall Guys and Rocket League as they empower creators and game developers using epic engines like Unreal Engine, then the online gaming services of Online Services and those from the Epic Games Store

Epic Games and Sweeney were conversing about creating the Metaverse with Mark Zuckerberg for a while now. They have been speaking about it implicitly in announcement forms. They have raised a billion dollars for the project actually to start. They are not the only ones doing this too. The Metaverse idea’s word has reached the ears of practically everyone in the tech industry for around ten years. There are a variety of companies that are hurriedly rushing to make all of these occur. 

Facebook’s Metaverse Definition 

The Metaverse refers to a brand new version of the internet in the future. It is a merge of our physical persistent virtual space and that of an enhanced virtual physical reality. There’s a very high possibility that Mark Zuckerberg wants to use all of the people that already have accounts on Facebook and take them to a virtual world where instead of simply texting or video calling one another, one could easily be in a world where two or more people would be in the same place relaxing and chilling. It feels like this would be way more than a game. And that it would be something that’s more real. 

In this day and age, everyone is trying to leave this our physical world and go to a place where they can do anything they want whenever they want to do it. More reasons why I always talk about our mental health and how important it is to our well-being. In the presence of Facebook’s Metaverse, your imagination could be your reality. Now that would be fun wouldn’t it?.