How Social Media Affects Body Image in Girls and Teens

Everyone is talking about how social media negatively affects people, especially teenagers and young girls. This is true. There’s a horrible way social media and all of its platforms affect and negatively hurts the mental idea or image young women and girls have. This article would talk about some of these ways. Stay tuned and find out more. 

Ways social media affects the body image of Teens and Girls. 

Various young women and teenagers always talk about how social media platforms have an enormous impact on the way they feel about their bodies. Negatively affects how they see themselves in the mirror. It negatively affects their health and the way their clothes fit. There are many expectations from social media platforms that always hit their levels of self-esteem and confidence. They end up having friends who have little to no input on how they should look, how they should feel, and those who yell at them how to treat their bodies. 

A lot of research has suggested that the amount of time one spends on social media platforms is associated with issues these teenagers go through, loss of self-esteem, and a reduction in the amount of self-esteem. 

Around eighty-eight percent of young girls and teenagers always end up comparing themselves to those they see on social media. That’s obvious enough that they are indeed affected negatively by this. 

How can you help your teenagers and little girls improve their body image? 

It would be best if you showed your child the power they have. Make them know that being who they are is their superpower. And the way they want to be like those people they see on various social media platforms, that’s how many people would like to be like them. 

Teach your baby girls and baby boys better coping mechanisms on how they can live their lives. Make them know that they are strong. Teach them all they need to know about mental toughness. Let them know that about 90% of the things they see on social media are fake, unreal, and all done for the gram. 

It would be best to teach your girls that everyone in this life, it doesn’t matter how rich, fabulous, or incredible their life might seem, has their problems. No one doesn’t have any problem. 

If ten people come together to put their problems on a table, if everyone all looks at their problems, they would peacefully take back their problems and continue to live their lives and manage their problems in peace. 

That’s what your kids, teens, and young girls need to learn. Everyone is on a path to the future. Feeling bad about yourself because of people you see on social media doing nothing but simply trying to make ends meet would do you no good. Be happy, stay happy, stay glorious, shine, my dear. The world needs you to be you for both you and the world. Remember this always.