How to Announce Pregnancy on Social Media

Pregnancy is the beginning of motherhood, and it comes with a lot of excitement. Expectant mothers are always eager to announce how happy they are to the world. They want to break the internet and tell the world that a little one is on the way. Sharing the big news to the family and friends on social media is an exciting part of the journey. You don’t have to be a social media wiz to do it. Anyone expectant mother can learn how!

Many new parents wonder about how to announce pregnancy on social media. It’s simple. When looking to announce your pregnancy on social media, you need to get creative. Let your personality shine! You need to have fun while letting the world know a little one is on the way. Good humor, love, and joy are the best emotions to express in such an important, life-changing announcement. Delivering the good news about your pregnancy gives family and friends the chance to share your joy.

We have put together a collection of ideas on how to announce pregnancy on social media in a fun and creative way. Every mom-to-be will certainly love these ideas! And if you want more ideas, stay up-to-date on the future of social media by seeing what your friends are doing on their sites too.

4 Ideas on How to Announce Pregnancy on Social Media

A Creative (or Funny) Pose with Your Partner

One of the most popular ways to orchestrate the big reveal is taking a photo with your partner with suggestive poses. The photo will include you, your partner, and the future baby. Your partner may get down on one knee to kiss your pregnant belly.  Your partner can also place his hands on your stomach with a joyful expression. If you’re making your announcement around the holidays, you can take a photo of your family’s Christmas stocking, and add an extra one that says “Plus One” on it. Or, you may feature balloons in your photo with “baby boy or girl” written on it.

Bonus: If you have a gender reveal party, hide the color representing your child’s gender (i.e., blue or pink) inside the layers of cake under the icing at the baby shower. Or, you can have guests pop a pinata or a balloon filled with blue or pink confetti inside. How fun!

Use Baby Clothes

Baby clothes are a clever way of telling your loved ones across social media that there is an addition to your family coming soon. Arrange baby clothes, such as onesies on a laundry line right beside your shirts. You could also place a pair of baby shoes next to your shoes. This is a perfect way to say “we are expecting a baby.” And if this baby already has a sibling, have them join in the announcement too!

Post an Ultrasound

Don’t only announce your pregnancy on social media, show them your baby by posting an ultrasound photograph between 18 and 22 weeks. The ultrasound will give a sneak peek of your baby in the womb, and everyone will be happily expecting the little one.

Take a Maternity Photo in a Nursery

Many couples do maternity photoshoots,  but you can make yours fun and creative by shooting photos in your baby’s future nursery. A maternity photo in a nursery passes two messages along. It tells your friends on social media that you are expecting a baby, and a blue room says you are expecting a baby boy while a pink room says you are expecting a baby girl. So, it’s an online announcement and gender reveal in one!

Other Things to Keep in Mind

While expecting, it’s easy to feel excited yet overwhelmed. During the pregnancy, be sure to keep your baby strong in the womb. Essential nutrients for healthy development of your fetus include folic acid, calcium, iron, and many more vitamins and minerals. There are prenatal vitamins developed for prenatal health that expectant mothers use to maintain their baby’s health. Some of the brands to get prenatal vitamins from are Natrol and Nordic Naturals. Also speak with your OB/GYN to format a diet and supplement pan that works best for you and your baby’s health.

Now you should feel like you’re ready to start your journey to motherhood. May you and your baby be happy and healthy!