How to Ask for Prayers on Social Media

Let’s talk about how you could ask for prayers from people through social media. 

If you are the person that needs the prayer 

You should never forget that other people apart from your loved ones and friends would need your request for them to pop into their timeline. You need to ensure you do not publish the information you need to remain private. You do not know where your prayer post would end up. You need to know that you don’t know who or where your placement would reach. This is why you need to be extremely careful with the details you share. 

In the same vein, you should not ask for prayers that are not specific and do not ask for them every time or once weekly. Some people might have gotten some of these, and they do nothing but distract someone else. People reading it could think and ask if it is the same prayer request you asked for last week, if something brand new has occurred, or if they should reach out to you. You need to keep asking for specific prayers. Some people would think you are searching for attention rather than the prayers you prefer. 

Suppose you are serious about your prayer requests. You need to know various people available on social media platforms are not true Christians. They could support and love you, help you in thinking positive thoughts and everything another thing you need. But as stated by Isaiah 59:2 and Psalm 66:18 which means God would not hear it. 

If you are the person getting the prayer request from someone else 

You could receive a prayer request which does not mean that you should invade privacy. You do not need details to pray because God in heaven knows all about your situation. 

If your request was made in a public place, it is not okay for you or others to gossip about it. Make sure you do not ask other people about your situation. Make sure you never assume you know all that is going on, even when you ask someone else to join you as you pray. 

Your prayer requests are not an invitation for you to advise or critique the life of someone else. If you want to comment or recommend someone, you need to encourage them, make things uplifting and make sure you are as positive as you need to be.

My thoughts on asking for prayers through social media

Here’s what I believe. We all have a personal connection with God in heaven. He has no favorites. And if he did, his choice would be both you and me. So if you want your issues to go viral on social media, you should go viral for many other things. Not your problems or personal issues.

So there you have it. Now you know how to respond if you receive prayer or if you’re sending a prayer. Which would make you safe, guarded and okay spiritually.