How to Block People on Social Media

Oh yes, I couldn’t wait to come to this piece. You know there are several very mean, annoying, and horrible people on social media. We can also accumulate and gather many friends on these social media platforms that we don’t even speak with anymore. There are busy there gathering our social media space.

We have friends from high school, friends from college, friends from work, and friends from our old home locations. These could be people you have drifted apart from; they could be friends of friends or old flames. At some point in time, you would want to block them and move on with your life. I’ll be showing you how.

How to block people on Facebook,  Instagram, and Twitter.


If you want to block someone on Facebook, you could open the application or use a website and go to the main menu. Check the settings from the settings and privacy section. Then scroll down, and you’ll find blocking. Select that option. Press add to blocked list and then type in the person’s name that you do not want ever to see. Here it would be difficult for them ever to find you or ever view your status or your profile. Whenever they search for you, your profile would never appear in their results. This way, you are entirely invisible and shielded from them forever on Facebook. 


If you want to block someone here on Instagram, open their profile, then tap the icon on their profile picture from a post. Then select those three dots you can find on the right of your screen. You then press the block button. When you block them, they cannot see your profile, and all stories or photos you post would be out of their reach. 


If you want someone you know blocked, open their profile and click on their profile photo icon. This could be found at the left part of their tweet available on your news feed. Use the three dots available on top of the screen to open Menus. Then select the Block button and then the name of their Twitter profile. You can then go to the profile page of the account you want to block. Alternatively, you can select this so their Tweets would never be shown on your timeline without needing to block them or unfollow them. 

My thoughts on blocking people on social media 

I have stories, like so many stories I don’t have enough time to tell you. It is essential to block some demons on social media. Especially those strangers that you’ve never met from anywhere, and they want to come and stress your mental life for no reason. Please block them off. In which every social media platform. For WhatsApp, there are different ways to block someone. I think you should touch their contact, touch the three dots at the upper right, and then you’ll see block there. That is it. Get rid of them and attain mental peace, please. You deserve the best.