How to Cancel a PayPal Payment

Welcome, this article is going to show you ways you can cancel a PayPal payment. Stay tuned and enjoy this article.

What happens to me and can I cancel a payment I have already sent?

You can only cancel payments that have not been claimed yet. If your payment is complete, you need to contact the recipient of this payment and ask for a refund as quickly as you possibly could. 

Any payment that gets sent using an email address isn’t associated with PayPal accounts. These are credited automatically to the account balance. 

A payment could easily get sent to recipients that have an email address that is not confirmed. There are proper reasons for security for all of these. PayPal only credits payments that are sent using email addresses that are confirmed. 

Okay, how do I cancel a payment?

You should go to the activity page and then find the payment that is pending. From this point, you can click the Cancel option.

If you do not see Cancel Order Actions or status, this payment has been claimed and you cannot cancel it. 

If you cancel an eCheck payment or transfer instantly, the funds would get withdrawn from your bank account. This would also get credited to your PayPal account balance. If you cannot cancel your payments then you would still have an option to get a refund back. 

What happens when I change my mind about purchasing the product.?

This is just like the case of not wanting to purchase the product again and wanting your funds back. It is the same thing that would happen. I mean it is not a must for one to purchase something then they change their minds, is it. So it is a very simple thing. Think about it. What is the worst-case scenario? When you have not received the product. Your funds would get refunded to your account as peacefully as possible. But before any of these happen, you need to follow the rules as stated above. If you do not follow the rules you would have very serious problems when it is time to get a refund.

What would be the reaction of the receivers of the funds?

Of course, they would be unhappy because they have already become excited that they have made a sale of a product. Only for you to be trying to get a refund at the end of the day. Like that is not fresh. This is why these vendors are very understanding people. Your funds are not their problem. They would try to give you back your funds without any issues. The things that could end up being issues would be the computer systems when it comes to how quickly the money would get refunded to you. But have no fear, after following the steps listed above, you should be good to go and when you cancel your PayPal payment, your funds would fly back into your account just as quickly as you sent it.