How to Check Battery Health on MacBook

Hello there. Do you have a MacBook that you would love to know the Battery Health, but you’ve never done this before? If this is a problem you’re facing, I welcome you to this article. This piece would show you how you could quickly test and check the health of the battery of your MacBook. Let’s ride. 

How you could check the battery health of your MacBook 

There are various MacBook models which offer people batteries daily. At least at points when these batteries are pretty new. These later changes to about twelve to thirteen hours battery life for the 2018 and 2019 MacBook models. MacBook Pro has ten hours and thirteen minutes, while the MacBook Pro 2019 has ten hours and fifteen minutes.

All you need to know about the MacBook Pro battery

Just like the way everything in this life grows and ages, you might not end up getting as much battery life as you would desire because of its natural levels of degradation. There are various things you could do to reduce the rate at which this happens. This is why owning a MacBook for about three years wouldn’t have the same period as a brand new MacBook. 

If you are not getting the expected battery life from your Mac, it could be due to some faults, or it might mean you need to either service or replace your batteries. With grace, it is effortless to know if there are issues or problems with your battery. 

Your MacBook continuously checks and monitors your battery health. Let me explain how you could quickly check the battery health of your MacBook. 

How you could quickly check the battery health on tube MacBook 

To do this, you should hold down the Alt/Option key. 

You should then click the battery charge icon available at the top right part of your desktop close to the clock. 

After you notice the condition, head out to the menu top. That’s where you would see about four battery status messages. These messages include Normal, Service Battery, Replace Now and Replace Soon.

It should be evident that Normal typically indicates a healthy battery. Replace soon means warning you instead of demanding that your battery still functions correctly using the battery power. However, it works with shorter battery life than how it was when things were brand new. 

The last two statuses, though, like Service Battery and Replace now, are nothing but signs and indications that your battery is very close to the end of its lifespan. 

How to service your MacBook Battery

If you would like to gather more information, you could get another application that would help you monitor your battery. These apps include Battery Health from FlipLab, Coconut-Flavor, and  CoconutBattery. These would end up monitoring and auto throttling all the energy-sapping applications which run in the background. This coconut battery ends up measuring the highest battery charge against the original capacity when it is new. This could even end up comparing the performance of your battery to other close and similar models.