How to Clean Up Your Smartphone by Sorting Apps (and Other Ways to Organize Your Life)

We use our smartphones for about 70% of the time when we are awake. Imagine having a smartphone that is extremely messed up. That is just sad and that has more ways than one affecting your real life. Oh yes. You heard me. So sit back let’s talk about how you can clear out your phones. Make your phone more organized and hence this organization would turn into your lifestyle too.

Simple ways to Clean up your Smartphone using Sorting AppsĀ 

Get rid of apps you don’t Use

What are these apps doing on your phone? Think about this in this way. Imagine in your apartment or your room you have a lot of things you don’t use anymore. But there are there. Packing space and everywhere feel congested. Are you getting me? That’s not fresh for you and your phone. For iPhone users, you can check the battery settings and look at the usage of apps you don’t use anymore. For Android users, you can install an app like Frequency. This helps show you how much you use these apps.

Make Frequently Used Apps Hidden 

You could have a lot of apps on your phone. Yeah, you do use some of them but not all of them. For those, you don’t use all the time. Hide them, don’t make them pop or show every time. It takes nothing to hide them. All you need to do is go to the applications, press and hold them and hide them from sight. This way your phones would be clean and it wouldn’t be looking so scattered all the time.

Make different Folders

Using folders would help you keep all you need to nice and clean in your room. You can create a bunch of these and some could go with a few. The types of folders you can create could be according to the app type. It could be a folder for social media or a folder for Music and Gallery. You know. Make use of your discretion.

Organize your Apps using the task they can perform 

The essence of this article is to show you how your phone can be cleaned out. You can do this by using a scheduling folder, a communication folder, or an organizing folder. This way things would be simple and easier to do.

You can enjoy different folders for fitness, health, and workout. You can also create different folders based on your tasks for work. You could have different apps created completely for your office gigs. If you are a freelancer, you can create folders to manage your content, your notes too. Pinterest and other large social media platforms apps can be in their folders. These apps include WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all the others you might love to use and enjoy. This way, your phone would be arranged.