How to Create a Free iCloud Account

If you’ve already got an Apple device, you would need to have an iCloud account. This is important. Especially at times when you would need to upload files for safekeeping on the internet. This article would show you how to create an iCloud account for free.

You should learn how to protect your account, manage it, sign it too. 

Steps in creating a Free iCloud Account 

How does this using your new Apple device?

Whenever you get your new iPod, iPad, iPhone, you would be asked to put in your Apple ID and a password. If you’re just starting to use the device, you can create one and then set your new device. You can also set this up later using the App store. 

To create an Apple ID on your new device, just tap Forgot Password or you don’t have Any Apple ID. This way you would see a button that would help you create a Free Apple ID. 

You should select your date of birth and then put it in your full names. Then click next. Then use your email address or click to Get a free email address for your iCloud. Create your Apple ID via the App Store on your device.

You can then open the app store and touch your profile photo. 

Whenever you touch the Create New Apple ID. If want to create a New Apple ID and that option is invincible, make sure you log out of the iCloud account. 

Put in your email, the region or country that is equal to the address that you shall get billed for your payment. This email that you would provide would get converted to your new Apple ID.

Understand the terms and the conditions and Apple privacy policy. Then you can agree to the terms and the conditions. 

From this point, you can put in your birthday and your name and subscribe to updates from Apple if you like them. This helps you keep up with information that’s up to date, on products, services, and software from Apple. Then you can Tap Next.

Here you put in your billing info and credit card. Tap next. You could select none and know what None does if you don’t want to choose anything. You would not be charged till you purchase something. You can change or remove something whenever you want to make any changes in the future. 

You can check your mail for the verification email from Apple and understand the steps used in the verification of your email address. After your email gets completely verified, you can use your Apple ID to sign in to the iTunes Store, iCloud services, and App Store too.

Now you know how easy it can be to create an Apple ID. And this Apple ID is free of charge, you don’t need to pay for anything up until the point you’ll need to purchase something. But before then, you can log in to your app store and enjoy other Apple services.