How to Create a Great Music Listening Experience at Home

In this day and age when you can easily access almost any music from anywhere, it’s easy to forget the magic of listening to music. In particular, the slow and meditative act of listening to music on vinyl records. Listening to vinyl at home is a wonderful experience that allows you to immerse in your songs with full attention and enjoy intricate details in the sound.

Modern vinyl clubs help revive vinyl culture by mailing you vinyls regularly. They are the perfect way to enjoy vinyls at home, create an impressive vinyl collection quickly and build a relationship with vinyl music.

Creating a vinyl listening room is better than playing vinyls in any other space of the house. Vinyls are sensitive to temperature and humidity, so you’ll need to make sure your vinyl-exclusive room is well isolated from exterior conditions (heaters, windows, etc.).

You will also need to be able to play vinyls without external noises disturbing your vinyl sessions. This means that you should keep all electronic equipment away from your vinyl listening room (televisions, smart phones, computers). You might also want to cover any other possible holes through which sounds can pass (doors and windows).

You will want to be able to listen to vinyls at any time of day. That means you’ll need a well-isolated vinyl listening room that does not depend on daylight for illumination. You should also avoid having anything else that relies on daylight (plants, photos).

With this in mind, here are three simple steps on how to create a vinyl listening room:

  1. Ensure vinyls and electronic equipment isolation.
  2. Ensure vinyl and room is at the right temperature and humidity levels overnight.
  3. Invest in high quality equipment if needed (turntable, amplifier).

If you follow these steps, it should not take long before you can experience vinyl listening in its full glory.

You’ve just learned how to create a vinyl listening room by following three simple steps! You already know how to isolate vinyls and electronic equipment, make sure your vinyl listening room is at the right temperature and humidity overnight and if needed, invest in high quality equipment (turntable, amplifier). You are ready to build your vinyl listening room!