How to Date in the Age of Social Media

We are almost in the middle of the 21st century at this point. Everyone makes use of Social Media. Today I’ll be talking about how you should date in this social media age. Are you ready? Let’s begin. 

A variety of studies on dating have made us all know that social media dating has both negative and positive effects on your beautiful relationship. How could you balance what you should share and what should be private in this relationship of yours?

Do you need to be friends through social media? 

You would think, “Why not, he or she is my man or woman,” after all. Social media these days has become part of our daily lives. However, it would be best if you thought twice before accepting or sending a friend request from or to your partner. Whenever couples are active on social media, it could end up creating conflict for their relationship. For instance, if your partner ends up posting a picture of him with a lady on his status, you could start feeling insecure. Social media these days makes it extremely easy for a partner to be completely aware of all the inconsistencies the relationship has. It is like a tool to watch and survey your entire relationship. 

How should you guys handle your privacy? 

If you make use of any social media platform, privacy becomes a serious issue. 

Having so much information out on social media could take it away from the relationship, and it’s an intimacy between two people, as stated by Shaldon Fitzgerald, a certified hypnotherapist in South Africa. You do not need to share every little detail about all your romantic journey through social media. If you are someone that could end up feeling embarrassed if, in the end, you and your partner don’t work out in the future. Some moments are particular to just you two, and that’s it. 

How can you get a balance between us and I 

It would be best if you kept your social media platforms’ lives completely different. This plays a decisive role in the success of your relationship, for you to forget about suspicion whenever you see or notice things your partner uploads on their social media. 

Suppose you decide to keep all of your relationships far away from social media. You still need social media to communicate, and gossip as love birds do. You should either make use of email or video chatting. 

This would help add to the strength of your relationship. 

My thoughts on Dating in the Age of Social Media

You would not believe it when I tell you I was in a relationship with someone for seven years, and it was a long distance. We kept the entire relationship off social media, and people started knowing after we completely broke up. It was nice when it lasted. We are adults, you know. People break up and everything. We are fine too. Keeping the relationship off social media helped while the relationship lasted.