How to Find Someone by Workplace on Facebook

The friend Facebook finder works by checking out very large groups of people who would like to become friends with you. Common assumptions are that you would want to become friends with people you went to the same school with or people you have been working in the same office for years. 

How to Find Someone by a workplace on Facebook.

Just click on your friends’ icon available at the big blue bar. Then you can see the friend requests menu. On top of this menu, you can click on the find friends link. 

Then here the friend finder page appears. You could also look at several other tools that are typically found at the bottom part of the last list of options. Several possibilities are based on the type of information available from your time line. Then click on the find coworkers or find classmates links. These links both go to the same places. These are a page that is available for you to find people that browse on Facebook. You could make use of these checkboxes available on the left side of the page to look for people from your previous schools or jobs you’ve worked at before. 

You could select a check box which would display people from your company or school. You could look for people from your workplace, current city, hometown too by entering the name of a supposed mutual friend. 

When you choose more than one check box, it would show you a reduced number of people. This is because these days, Facebook looks for people that have both worked at Hamilton High School and Mom’s Pizza. For you to look for way more people, you should check only one check box at a time. 

You could use this to browse and look for people in cities, colleges, companies, and others that are available on your time line. You could also search for empty boxes marked Add Another and for you to add the name of the school, city, or company that you think you know the people that are working there. 

The essence of Finding someone By workplaces on Facebook 

Well, it is Facebook. This is one of the best and perfect ways to find someone you are looking for or you’ve been looking for. It is not that difficult you see. If you just follow the steps that are listed above, you’ll be good to go and you would know for sure that your long lost one is not so far apart. You might not have been able to talk to your high school love since after graduation. But making use of social media platforms like Facebook, you have a second chance to reconnect again and to check if the love sparks are still available. 

I know I have found my long lost friends from Facebook. There’s this one I’m looking for, I doubt he still does Facebook though. But oh well.