How to Go Live on TikTok

Everybody these days want to be a hit star on TikTok, but you might want to go live and announce yourself. But that might not be easy. This piece would talk about effortless ways you could go live on TikTok and make the world know whatever you desire. 

Ways you can use to go live on TikTok.

You can go live on TikTok when you have access to the live streaming capabilities of the application. To go live, you need to touch the create icon, which is available on the home screen. That’s also the + sign button open at the bottom of your screen. 

Then tap the create a brand new video button available on TikTok. Then swipe to go live. Then you should select an image and then use it to write a title for you to stream. 

Are you ready to start? You should select the GO LIVE button, and then your broadcast will start. Some followers would get notifications when you start streaming. 

As you continue streaming, you could then tap the three dots available and then flip your camera. You can also use it to add effects, filter your comments and then add in moderators if you like. You could also add in a co-host and then share a split-screen live broadcast with a collaborator, a guest, or a friend. 

Whenever you are ready to wrap these up, you should tap the X available at the top left corner, and then this would end your live stream used for TikTok. 

How can you schedule a Live Event for TikTok? 

You could use this to let your followers know that you have an upcoming live stream with the events feature TikTok has. 

You can tap the calendar icon available at the top right-hand corner of your TikTok profile. Then create an event using a duration, description, date, start time, and name. 

Whenever your event is now ready, you could share the link using in-app messaging, or you could link it inside one or two of your videos. 

You could easily record a promo video after you tap + under related videos through your events page. You can then record your video and then add an events link. After you are done, you could then post this. 

Other ways you could build buzz include making use of live countdown stickers. You could record TikToks and then pull up sticker panels, and then you can customize your countdown sticker using the time and date of your event. Viewers could opt-in for reminders whenever you go live. 

How you can go live with either a guest and a Co-host. 

When recording a live video at the bottom of your screen, you can select add guests or add a co-host. 

How can you go live if you are making use of a tablet 

You need to follow the same procedures when using a mobile TikTok application as written above. For all of this, just relax and read what is written above. You’ll be fine.