How to Protect Your Eyes from Digital Damage

Some people say that if you peep through the eye, you can see the soul. While this may not exactly be true, the aphorism goes to show that the eye illuminates the entire body and is very sensitive, especially to light. In order to maintain a high optical performance of these light receptors, one has to take many precautionary steps. This, however, is not so easy considering the variety of on-screen digital devices we use daily. Against this backdrop, we have drawn up a list of preventive measures to help you protect your eyes from digital damage. 

8 Ways to Protect Your Eyes from Digital Damage

1. Keep the screen far from your eyes: Some call it the 20-20-20 rule. It is strongly advised that you keep the screen of the digital device you are working with at least twenty meters away from your eyes. It is true that this may not always be possible. We, however, advise you to keep your digital devices at a reasonably far distance from your eyes. Also, you should look away every twenty minutes for at least twenty seconds. This will help reduce the constancy of the glare and ultimately reduce eye strain.

2. Use protective screen covers: Protective screen covers reduce the strength of the rays on the eyes. An anti-glare screen or coating if used on the screen of your digital device, will reduce the directness of the light on the eye. Also, some screen covers are reader-friendly. It is strongly recommended that you use these screen covers if your job involves reading and typing on-screen.

3. Adjust the brightness of your digital device: Adjusting the brightness of your digital device to suit your environment can also reduce the strain on your eyes. That way, it will be easy for your eyes to adjust.

4. Blink regularly: Regularly blinking of the eyes cleans the eyes and helps to reduce dryness. Also, the concentration of light rays on your eyes would be reduced if you blink regularly.

5. Take period eye examinations: The importance of periodic eye examinations cannot be overemphasized. While we may think our eyes are perfect because we can see far and clearly, the reverse may be the case when we go for proper eye examinations. An examination taken in time will help mitigate the outcome of any possible damage. Don’t be too sure. Take frequent eye tests!

6. The light source should be behind you: Whenever you’re using a digital device, ensure that the source of light is behind you rather than in front of you. This will reduce the workload on your eyes.

7. Wear protective glasses: It is strongly recommended that you wear glasses with anti-reflective coating to avoid direct entrance of the rays. If you use these glasses, you will be able to use your devices for a longer period.

8. Take eye health support supplements: We recommend Life Extension’s Gummy Science Digital Eye Support, as well as beta carotene, lutein and astaxanthin supplements.