How to Quit Social Media for 30 Days (and Other Mental Health Tips)

This piece would teach you how you could quit social media for thirty days. 

I know someone that decided to take a break from all social media platforms for thirty days. She adopted a philosophy from Newport Cal, which was titled Digital Minimalism.

How did my friend quit Social Media for 30 Days? 

She didn’t upload a single post to Instagram or make any post or status update to Facebook. 

She took occasional peeks on her Tweetdeck, and it didn’t last for up to a minute. 

All through these thirty days, she noticed many beautiful and exciting changes that occurred, and she started seriously questioning how valuable social media is/was. 

Here are the things she noticed in the absence of social media;

She felt a reduced amount of Anxiety and Depression 

Using Heal, which is an application, she had her doctor visit her at home. Her doctor asked her all about her depressive symptoms. She hadn’t been taught about how she was doing for a while now. Over the thirty days she was ‘offline,’ her depressive and anxiety symptoms had done more than subsided. She had stopped comparing her life to that of other people around. She didn’t compare anymore because she couldn’t even see them or know what was happening in their lives. She wasn’t anxious anymore because she wasn’t checking social media on their updates and whatnot. 

She progressed on various other meaningful projects. 

Attention is also known as the price one needs to pay to achieve in life. You would indeed be amazed at how much you could achieve when not spending all of your time on social media. Getting a break from social media helped her spend a lot of her time on things that mattered. This helped her get high levels of clarity and helped her progress on various projects. 

As a result of the amount of research on how essential it is for you to take breaks from social media, she made what happened to her go viral. 

What is the Opportunity Cost of Social Media 

The opportunity cost, my dear, of social media is your mental health. You cannot stand to sell that for anything in this world. Many people value their mental health more than their physical bodies, and seeing you doing this type of research means you’re one of these types of people. Your mental health is significant. That’s what protects and guards your physical health. 

After she left social media for a month, it rapidly helped reduce all of her symptoms of depression and anxiety. This could be you. Be like my friend. 


If you want to get a break from social media, you need to invest yourself and your time in many essential things. These things could be starting a new project, getting ahead with your dreams, and getting that job or degree. The sky would be your starting point in the absence of social media distractions.