How to Screenshot on iPhone 11

It feels so nice to be in the world of facial recognition, gesture-based navigation, and all the other benefits of using an iPhone 11. You shouldn’t miss the home button while using this phone apart from the usual process of taking a screenshot. Without the home button, it means taking a screenshot on this new device of yours would be completely different from taking a screenshot on phones with the home button.

If you’ve previously used an iPhone XS, iPhone X, or even an iPhone XR, you should be familiar with this screenshot taking process. Because there’s no home button on this iPhone, Apple uses a different way on this phone to take screenshots.

Guide to How to Screenshot on iPhone 11

Press the volume up and the side button, which is normally known as the sleep/wake button, and the volume up button at the same time on your iPhone 11. And after you leave these buttons, you’ll notice a sign that you have taken a screenshot.

Screenshot Steps for iPhone 11

How to Edit the Screenshot

Normally, you’ll hear the usual camera sound, and then a preview of the screenshot would show at the bottom of the screen which would show you different signs which could be used to edit the screenshot. You could edit it by cropping from here too.

If you don’t want to hear a sound from your iPhone 11, then simply put the phone on mute.

Share the Screenshot

From this point, you could hold the preview and then go to the share sheet and send the screenshot to any app you desire.

If you don’t want to share the screenshot to anyone, you could easily dismiss it. And from this point, it would be simply saved in the screenshot album in your photos app.

Take Screenshots Using Assistive Touch with iPhone 11

You could use assistive touch to take a screenshot using only one hand.

To do so you should enable assistive touch. And to do this, you need to go to your settings, then general, accessibility then assistive touch, and then you need to enable the assistive touch option. From this point on your phone, you’ll see a transparent button that not so clear that it would be added to your screen.

Arrange Your Top Level Menu

Touch the customize top level menu. From this point, tap on the one with the star, touch screenshot from the list, and then the screenshot button would be added to the assistive touch menu. You could also tap on the default icons to change it with the screenshot button or anyone that is on the list.

Take a Screenshot Using Assistive Touch

At this point you’ve got the screenshot button arranged on your assistive touch menu, too would be able to take a single-handed screenshot at any time and you could tap on the assistive touch button, which would follow by the screenshot button.

All your screenshots are available in your screenshots album in your phone storage.