How to Spot Fake Social Media Accounts

This piece would discuss ways you could know profiles that are game on social media platforms like Facebook. 

If you’ve had the suspicion that a social media account or profile might be fake or handled by a robot, don’t worry about it. This article would give you ideas and clues to help you know for sure. 

List of clues to Spot a Fake Social Media Account. 

Check the Profile Photo 

One severe indicator that you’re watching an account that’s fake is by looking at the profile photo. These usually feature from the profile of the owner. It could be the brand or the photo of the actual person. 

If you see profile pictures as a lot of others, you could be suspicious. 

Typically, if someone creates an account and they’ve not uploaded any photo. You’ll see an egg if it’s Twitter or a silhouette on Instagram. On Facebook, it’s either a male or female figure. 

The model photographs might not match the Twitter content available on their bio, which might be the profile photo. 

If you notice the image is pixelated, then that photo might have been taken from the internet, and the content on the profile might not match the photo. 

How would one know if the photo is gotten online? 

An option you could use is the Google Images tool. With this tool, all you need to do is upload your image, which you feel is suspicious and check out Google’s options. 


The nickname or the username could help you find a fake account or an account that’s used by bots. 

The photo and the name are personal things. Users love being recognized by usernames they love and enjoy. Different people like different things, and existing social media accounts are specific about the type of nicknames they use. 

If you see a strange name, you should keep your eyes open. People that have foreign names or users that have different numbers might be nothing but fake. If it is simply common that usernames are already taken. Social Media platforms make different user names and assign numbers to differentiate. 

The Bio 

The biography of the social media accounts where different sections and users explain themselves or what they do or ways you could contact them. Whenever you notice that a user has not finished completing their biography, or if they have suspicious links, these could lead to websites that are viruses. These could be a bot or a fake profile. 

Profile Content 

Another way you could know that this is a fake social media account is by looking at the content they’ve got on their account. If on Twitter or Facebook the account shares nothing but retweets and posts, it might be nothing but a but. If on Instagram they don’t have any photos or they upload dubious quality content. This account might be fake too. 

It would be best if you keep your eyes out for accounts that are active and working.