How to Stop Social Media Stalking

Social media is a virtual world of interaction where almost everything is fake except for the interactions you have with other people. It is a very addicting platform, because it gives you an opportunity to be anything you want to appear to be. All you really need is a great profile and some amazing pictures, and you’re up.

The downside to all these social media sites is that people get addicted – even to the point of stalking others. Or getting involved in catfishing schemes. Stalking can be dangerous, scary, and toxic once the stalker becomes obsessed and unwilling to stop.

How then, do we enjoy the freedom of association and expression on these social platforms without being caught in a web of strangers hovering around you? Keep reading to learn ways to prevent cyber stalking.

How to Stop Social Media Stalking in 7 Steps

Change Your Privacy Settings

Breaking loose from the fangs of stalking is never really easy. You may have to change your privacy settings on your phone. Most social media applications come with a privacy option for profiles that do not want to go public. You can rely on this feature to avoid stalkers. Simply activate the privacy mode on your social media platforms and deny new contacts access to your profile.

Remove Yourself from Search Engines

Also, removing yourself from search engines like Bing, Google, etc., can conceal your identity from internet stalkers. Although you cannot entirely control what search engines display, you can reduce the content they have on you. Simply check for yourself and see what info you can reset or edit.

Change Your Social Media Account Names

In addition, you might want to take things a step further by using different names or changing the arrangement of your names on different social media platforms. That way, it would be more difficult for stalkers to get a hold of you. You can even have a different email address for multiple accounts. That way, even if your email is hacked by a stalker, it wouldn’t be your personal e-mail on the line.

Delete Direct Messaging

Social media platforms often come with messengers. To avoid stalkers, it is highly recommended you stay away from these messengers if you can. Better still, deactivate them. That way, you can totally avoid any close communication with anyone and stalkers will have no access to your inbox.

Disable Geotagging

Stalkers always try to track the movements and locations of their victims. You might want to disable geotagging to avoid this. Whenever you use social media platforms, ensure that your location is turned off. This will keep you safe and prevent those stalkers from getting any knowledge of your whereabouts.

Install Security Software

Sometimes stalkers and hackers are no different. This is why you must ensure that you protect your device with maximum software security. Install anti-virus software and firewalls to keep your devices clean and safe.

Practice Silence

Lastly, silence may come in as a very handy tool to ward off stalkers. Do your possible best not to engage them. Stalkers may go as far as trying to get on your nerves just to bait you into an interaction. Do not respond! Leave it at a monologue. The moment you indulge them, things tend to get a lot worse.

The future of social media is largely changing. If you’re worried about identity theft or cybercrime, contact your local police station.