Instagram Just Released Its Recently Deleted Folder Feature

I didn’t believe this news when I saw it on the internet the other day. Like a Recently Deleted Folder. Wow. The tech world is growing faster than anyone could have ever imagined. This grants users several opportunities to review their content that they just removed before they delete it permanently. 

When users get rid of their content from their accounts, it gets sent immediately to their Recently Deleted folders. 

From that point, their content can get deleted without getting them back anymore. If users change their mind and feel like putting these contents back to their profile, they could restore it from their Recently Deleted folders. 

Things the folder would include

It would have things like your videos and photos from your profile. It would have videos and photos from your Instagram story. It would have Instagram stories from your highlights and your story archive. Don’t forget about reels and direct too.

All things that have been sent to your recently deleted folder would get removed after thirty days. As a user, you could decide to access this folder by checking your settings, then your account, and then your recently deleted folder.  

You should make sure you have an IG app that is updated to the latest version. If it isn’t, make sure you go to your app store or play store to get the latest one. 

Other cases for using the Recently Deleted Folder 

This folder is quite essential to people that have changed their minds after deleting something. Instagram points out several other uses of this feature. Instagram has noted how this Recently Deleted Folder can protect users in events that they end up having a hacked account. 

At times hackers would to and delete content. These would leave the original owners without any way of getting back their original sweet content. Especially for people that upload content without saving a backup on their phones. 

Adding or introducing this Recently Deleted folder, Instagram has added safeguards to permanently deleting things from your Instagram profile. 

Users of Instagram would now prove they are the account’s actual owners before they can delete or restore contents from their Recently Deleted folders. 

My thoughts on Recently Deleted folders on IG 

I love it. Like, I have had my account hacked before. And it is quite painful. All I can do is go to the hacked account and then screenshot some photos. That’s pretty much it. Apart from that, those photos are just gone. That’s sad, but what can one do about it. It isn’t until now that we now have access to this Instagram deleted folder. Before now, we could do nothing after deleting videos or photos from our Instagram profiles. We are immensely grateful to technology for upgrading up to this point. Because before now, people had no idea that this was possible. Now one can delete their photos, and they would not be stressed. But remember, your photos can only last in that folder for a month. So be careful with what you delete.