Is There a Fitbit Mindfulness App?

Mindfulness is one of the proven ways to get your body and soul in tune with one another and in tune with the realities of life. Different people practice mindfulness in different ways, and the results may turn out to be different for them. However, the main goal is to feel refreshed and more connected to the world. 

There have been some questions as to whether Fitbit, a company that builds several apps that help people stay aware of their mental state and surrounding, has created an app that is specifically for mindfulness. The simple answer to that is yes. Fitbit now has an app that helps you stay mindful. 

Some of the Tips You’ll Find in the App

Below are some of the mindfulness tips you’ll find in the Fitbit mindfulness app to keep your mind and body refreshed all through the day.

1. Observe so early morning quietness

If you have searched for how to get your body in tune with your mind or practice mindfulness, you should know that quietness is one of the best results you’ll see. Now, how do you practice quietness in the morning?

When you wake up, turn off everything in your room; if the lights and fan don’t help you focus, turn them off too. Turn off your phone and alarms, and just stay quiet. That’s a great way to keep your mind sharp.

2. Use supplements with L-Theanine during the day

According to the company Thorne Research, the major ingredient in some supplements that help you stay focused and mindful, L-Theanine, is famed and proven to help with mood issues and focus. Every supplement that contains L-Theanine will indeed contain other ingredients that will help you deal with stress and relax better. Interested? Try Theanine by Thorne Research.

3. Let your mind wander

Wandering may be a challenging, strenuous exercise, but when it comes to the mind, it’s a lot more satisfying and fulfilling. Don’t get your mind stuck on one thing; that could lead to anxiety. 

Allow your mind to wander freely and see meaning in the smallest things possible. Think about simple things like why the sole of your shoe doesn’t slip through the tiles; think about the technology behind the ballpoint pen. Just wander off occasionally.

4. Practice yoga

We agree that yoga is a form of exercise, but do you also know that yoga is a great meditation activity? If you didn’t know, then try sitting down for a while, play calm music, and practice some easy yoga routines. You’ll see how quickly your mind becomes lighter, and how mindful of your body and surrounding you become.

5. Meditation

Meditation is not peculiar to ancient cultures. Anybody can do it. You don’t have to sit with your legs crossed and your arms stretched out to mediate. Just find a tranquil spot in your house, sit or lay on your back, and take your mind on a peaceful journey.

These and more are what you’ll find on the Fitbit mindfulness app.