You may be thinking ‘what is kontentino and how can I use it for marketing?’ Or maybe you are asking if it is very effective to use and how it can increase your profit, well this article will help you to know all you need to know about kontentino.

What is kontentino?

Kontentino is a very effective tool that is used to manage social media accounts. It plays the role of organizing the content outflow within the marketing department and makes the content process of approval makes more simple for both the agencies and clients. If you want to make your content high-quality as a freelancer, brand, or agency all you need is kontentino. Kontentino was used in one of the top ad agencies in Europe as a tool mainly in the area of social media. It was later decided to distribute this amazing tool all over the world to social media managers. And presently, kontentino has a team of experienced experts that are involved in social media.

What social media accounts does kontentino work with?

Kontentino works with the likes of Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Facebook. They help to keep track of your social media and can manage multiple accounts like 2 Instagram profile accounts and 2 Facebook business pages is a total of 4 social media accounts.

The benefits of kontentino.

The advantage about kontentino is that you can schedule your posts from Instagram directly from videos to photos but the only thing is that you have to post the scheduled photos and videos in singles; this means that you can only schedule for a single photo or video, you can also share stories and IGTV with their app available on mobile devices or their integration with a creator studio. And your videos or photos may encounter an error which will lead to failure to post that content if this kind of situation happens, kontentino will be it to your knowledge with the use of email so that you will be able to post the content properly without issue. In a situation that you want to go live you can use the kontentino mobile app for that and schedule your live session. If it is Facebook you are using for your marketing, you can use kontentino for any kind of format you want, this includes carousels and 360° photos. Kontentino is known to use the best API from each of the social media platforms used and there is no proof showing that kontentino degrades organic reach. Another thing is that you can get a guide or a set of tutorials that will help you to recognize the ways of the website. 

How can I join kontentino?

If a new user wants to join, they will have to create their specific URL company website with kontentino. You will go to your browser and type kontentino.com and tap the login button which is at the top right corner of the website.