Lucky Go App Reviews

If you love games on your smartphone or tablet that offer rewards, you may want to try your luck at the Lucky Go app on GooglePlay by Luckytech Co. Ltd.

Before we start our Lucky Go app reviews, it is important to note that we are not linked to them in any way. Now, that this is out of the way, let us begin.

Why did we try the app?

It is quite simple. We keep hearing about how the Lucky Go app is one that allows you to win free rewards and possibly even cash money, so we wanted to check it out. Was it too good to be true? Let us continue the journey through our Lucky Go app reviews.

We started by making the cash and coin wins, and we ended up at the redemption process.

Should you try the app or ignore it? Will you enjoy it if you do? Will you come across annoying ads? Keep reading to find out!

What about the ads in it?

There are too many ads in this app, to be honest. Many of them are not awesome. They seem like clickbait. They show you things that will happen, but they do not. Well, they are all commercial hypes. Some of these ads are even outdated.

You may come across ads that show a person winning a lot of money regularly. You will see someone getting cash prizes, and then you will be excited to play.

If you think the above is what you will get when you sign up for the app, please do not waste your time. Many of the apps like Lucky Go app do not give you real rewards.

Most of what you may earn may be from affiliate marketing. You know you have to watch some ads every 2-4 clicks. The earnings from this are added together, and those that use the app are given a small slice of the cake. 

What kind of rewards/cash wins do they offer?

When you use this app, you may have access to small cash winnings. You can only redeem the winnings when the amount is up to $10. You can redeem your coins to get a gift card. For now, the only gift card that you may have access to is the Amazon gift card. I feel that they buy the cards in bulk and share it to their users.

When you have 3 million coins, you get $2 worth of Amazon dollars. You must have at least this many coins before you can get a gift card. Having 5 million coins will earn you a $5 Amazon card. Having 10 million coins will earn you a $10 Amazon gift card.

How do you get these cash wins and coins for redemption?

There are scratch cards, which you are expected to scratch. You will need to scratch three cards and if they match, you earn coins or raffle tickets as a prize.

You can also win via raffles. They run a dollar raffle every hour and weekly raffles that you can win more.

You can use their spin the wheel game to win too. You are given 1 free spin daily. If you watch an ad, you are given at least three spins. You could buy a spin for 4,000 coins.

So, in summary, unless you watching a ton of ads and dealing with clickbait, avoid this app at all costs.