Nerdy Emoji Pillow and Other Funny Technology-Related Gift Ideas

From the beginning of time, it has been customary to give people you love gifts for birthdays and holidays. Although over 1 million articles about gift ideas are circulating on the internet, finding the perfect gift for your loved one can create a bit of a hassle. This difficulty increases exponentially when you are looking for a funny technology-related gift for your nerdy friends.

However, gifting doesn’t have to be that difficult. If you know the right places to look, you’ll find several comical technology-related gift ideas for your loved ones. You can start with the fans favorite, the nerdy emoji pillow, and go from there. However, if you are new to gifting or you are still trying to wrap your head around tech-related gift culture, here are some fun and inexpensive gift ideas to get you started.

4 Nerdtastic Gift Ideas

Nerdy Emoji Pillow

It seems pretty obvious that our first tech-related gift idea would be a nerdy emoji pillow. This gift idea is great for several reasons. For one, it offers a lot of comfort and convenience for in-bed reading and TV watching. You can also use it in your living room as a sofa-cushion, bolster, head, and back pillow. The funny design and impeccable material used for the production of this particular gift idea make it the perfect way to express your sassiness and vivacity. Choose from a variety of your favorite emoji expressions – from the silly wink to the smiley face to the poop emoji – all in emoji pillows from Walmart and other retailers. They’ve got it all! Gamers, people who text a lot, and friends who keep on top of news on the future of social media would love this gift idea.

Lemon Screen Cloth

Perfect as stocking stuffers during Christmastime, lemon screen cloths from The Container Store are essential in every tech pro’s lair, and if your friend is a tech enthusiast, he/she will probably have a few laying around. The funny-looking lemon screen cloth is a perfect add-on gift for everyone. It is perfect for cleaning PC screens, phone screens, and tablets. Each time you use this funny looking screen cloth on your tech gadget, you’ll feel like you are rubbing a lemon on your screen. Crazy, right?

Circuit Board Keychain

The recycled circuit board keychain from Amazon is becoming more popular among tech experts and enthusiasts. If you are looking for great add-on gifts for your nerdy friend or colleague, this gift idea gives you a lot of options. Imagine your friend’s excitement each time he or she opens a door, and the circuit board keychain dangles from the keyhole. Besides, keychains are pretty useful around the house, and almost everyone uses one. So if you want your nerdy friend to think of you every day, this is the ideal gift.

Funny Mouse Pad

If you want a simple and funny looking gift idea that won’t put a dent in your budget, funny mousepads offer a lot of advantages. They come with eccentric and hilarious designs, like a cattle grazing a field, a scrumptious dish, diced fruits, and other funny looking images that will take your mind off of the stress and hassle of the day. (But our favorite, of course, is the ninja cat riding a unicorn mouse pad from Amazon!)

Time will not permit us to list all the funny technology-related gift ideas in our collection. But if you are in the market for tech-related gifts, you should consider the above-listed gifts ideas. At least get a nerdy emoji pillow, so the next time you text your best friend “Happy Birthday” followed by a smiley face emoji, they can fully experience the celebratory sentiment.