New Software by Developers for Developers

These days, new software looks and seems like trending projects as termed by Developers for themselves. This article would try to talk about some of them as best it can.

List of Some New Software by Developers for Developers

App for Boilerplate created for SaaS Product

This is a web open source app that helps one tackle weeks of strenuous work when one wants to create their SaaS product.

This boilerplate has its own simple SaaS features. Below are the features this comes with. With it too can then focus on properties that help keep your products differentiated.

Using this boilerplate to start up your own SaaS business as a developer. The following are the things you would benefit from its usage:


This is a tool for communication used by little teams of software developers.

Builder Book

These are books that let us learn all the things we need to understand the building of applications from the start-up points.


This is an accessible, beautiful drop and drag which has different lists that could all react(I’m sure the developers in the house would fully understand this)


You can drag this website builder and drop it in your javascript library. Typically by default, when the editor comes up with a Bootstrap and with components and widgets, these could get extended with all and any type of inputs and components.

VvvebJs and GitHub logo givanz

Drop and drag website builders which could go through your javascript library. All you need to do as a developer to make use of this is to drag and drop this in your javascript library. That’s simply it. You need to know that it was made, built, and created using Bootstrap 4 and jQuery. So all the advantages you need from those two properties are available.

List of Panel Live Demo

  1. 2 Panel Live Demo
  2. 1 Panel Live Demo
  3. Slack Discord npm

Making use of this Startbootstrap page for the landing page which is great and would serve as a demo page for all Bootstrap 4 necessary compartments.

Available Properties of This New Software

  1. It has blocks, components, and snippets that you could use to drag and drop.
  2. It has redo and undoes applications
  3. It has 1 or 2 panels used as a visual interface
  4. There are a component hierarchy and a file manager which are used for navigation.
  5. You could always add in new pages
  6. You could edit your codes
  7. You can upload images using your PHP script.
  8. Export HTML and page download and you could save pages as long as your example script is included.

What are the Properties of the Blocks List

Bootstrap has four components like Charts, Google Maps, and YouTube, and other widgets. Typically, the editor comes up with Bootstrap 4 which has its widgets and other properties that could get increased using different inputs and components.