Opinion Why Growing up without Social Media was a Blessing in Disguise

I can’t imagine my life present in the absence of social media. Like, I’ve learned a lot from social media, met terrific people from social media, fallen in love with different epic souls on social media. The list goes on. But this piece will be talking about why Growing up without Social Media is a Blessing in Disguise for people who grew up in the absence of Social Media. Are you ready to hear what they have to say? Let’s ride. 

Opinion Why Growing up without Social Media was a Blessing in Disguise   

After taking a study by those that grew up without Social Media, this is what they’ve got to say;


Before Social Media came along, everything was quite simple. Even the horrible act of bullying was more straightforward and easier to handle. But after the internet came along, we knew what is called cyberbullying. 

Cyberbullying refers to when someone teases someone else using a fake account. If one has a fake account, you could do whatever you wanted, and no one could ever know your real identity. Bullying this way has become very simple through the internet. Before, when the internet wasn’t available, people that bullied others were quickly caught. But now, there are horrible people out there that send messages to others. These messages contain intimidating texts and horrible rumors. It’s pretty sad. 


Let us not forget about hacking. Apart from cyberbullying, hacking is a horrible part of the internet and Social Media presence. Hacking refers to stealing private data, invading the things they’ve kept secret, and sharing it with several other people. These could cause a horrible loss to the personal lives of a lot of people. Similarly, stealing someone’s identity could result in a lot of losses financially. All of these are enabled as a result of hacking. There are different accounts available on Twitter and Facebook. These have been hacked in the past, and some hackers have posted things that are not appropriate through these accounts. All these things have had unfortunate effects on the personal lives of these people. 


There’s also destroying someone’s reputation after hacking someone’s email and other essential documents. The thing is after someone from the internet hacks your private data, your reputation is finished. 

Fraud and Scams 

The internet has a lot of scams and fraud. A lot of them have been reported from several social media platforms. Some of them are believed to purchase something that ends up being not what it seemed initially. There are several bloggers and influencers on Facebook and Instagram that sell a lot of different things. It’s challenging to know the real ones and the ones that are just shiny scams. 

With all of these, you can understand why growing up in the absence of Social Media was, in fact, a Blessing in Disguise. But with Wisdom, one can handle Social Media like a Pro.