Try This Chess App for Android and iOS

There may be many games that have been present for centuries, but chess is one of the greatest. This classic board game has been around for a long time and has been utilized in honing the ability of a lot of players. However, the form of chess that once existed in the past has undergone some changes.

Now, you can download a chess app for Android and iOS, where you can play against forms of artificial intelligence. These A.I. robots have the ability to not only battle with you but can also defeat you, based on your chess skill level.

If you are looking for a way to hone your chess ability, and the resulting calculation ability, you should consider downloading a chess app for Android and iOS on your device.

Below are different chess apps for Android and iOS devices.

4 Chess Apps for Android and iOS

Chess – Play & Learn

A great method of learning chess is to play it. You may read numerous books about the game and how to maneuver, and if you do not play it, it is basically a waste of time. This app tutors you on the fundamental positions, as well as rules guiding the game. You would be taught about the fundamental aspects of strategy, combinational moves, as well as the mechanisms of closing and opening.

In the app, you will see puzzles, which test your ability to assimilate the game. If you are seeking a tutorial app that will improve your chess skills, you should consider trying this.


This is an open-source chess app that allows you to battle it out with opponents online. You can decide to play against different people in different parts of the world. Currently, there are more than a hundred thousand players that you can play against.

If you like, you can decide to challenge the A.I. to a duel, or opt for a human opponent. You can get different variants of the game and challenge opponents online to play any variant you want. Since it is open-source, you can tweak it too. 

WiFi Chess

When you go online, you tend to play with strangers and friends, but most times, you don’t play with your loved ones. However, let’s say that you are at home, and you want to have fun with those around. You can decide to play WiFi Chess.

With this app, you can play against your loved one without giving up your phone to your competitor to make a move. This app can work on either an Android device or an iOS. Both competitors will have to connect to the WiFi to operate. 

Chess Clock

It is no news that a chess game can span a long time, and that is why someone has to be patient when playing it. To prevent you from getting bored, this app gives a period for a player to make a move and press the button on the clock. This makes the game a lot more interesting.  

Which chess apps for Android and iOS do you play?

Overview of the Happy Pets Facebook Game and Other Gaming Apps

We all love games. We all love pets. Imagine putting those two things that we love together; there is a great chance that we will be ecstatic. This is what the Happy Pets Facebook game is about.

In this game, you are allowed to raise your virtual pet, nurture it, shower it with love, and watch it blossom.

You can decide to play dress up, or even have the virtual home that you share with it decorated. You could also play minigames that will blow your mind in this Happy Pets Facebook game.

Having yourself immersed in a world where there is happiness and cute animals is something we long for. You could make awesome friends and craft out the house of your dreams right there.

The Happy Pets Facebook game is interesting to the extent that it may leave you amazed. There are a number of cute outfits that you can spoil your pets with. You can decide to decorate their living space too. You could stroll down the street in the virtual world, admiring cute shops or have fun in a virtual cafe.If you want, you can get to visit others, and admire their surroundings too.

It won’t be a bad idea to craft up friendships with those around and discuss with your neighbors in a funny manner. You could carry out fun activities and get rewarded for them.

If you want, you could add that extra touch to your abode. Why not have your virtual home crafted to the home of your dreams?

4 Reasons to Play the Happy Pets Facebook Game

Watch Virtual Pets Come to Life

The dream of every pet owner is to have more and more pets. This is made possible in this game. You could get numerous virtual pets and dress them up in cute attire.

You could groom your pet, and give them the perfect look. Who said you can’t have pets in real life and in the virtual world at the same time? The excess love that you have swelling in your heart can be given to them.

If you also have pets in real life, be sure to take care of their health too by giving them proper pet supplements from Vital Planet and Wondercide.

Decorate Your Virtual Home

For us that love unleashing creativity, this game tickles our fancy, as we can add new decorative ideas to our virtual home. We could touch it up in different rooms and even have our pets help us. The thrill that comes with arranging a once forsaken place is something that is out of this world.

Play Minigames

You can easily play minigames in the game. You could meet up with your virtual neighbors and complete different quests for them, where you will be rewarded when you are done. You could have fun with Rock Paper Scissors, Go-Fish, and so much more.

Check Out Trends

For someone who loves trends, this game may intrigue you. You could get involved in the trends in a fashion store, cafe, furniture store, and so on.

Have you played the Happy Pets Facebook game yet? Let us know your thoughts!

Best College Baseball Apps

It is no news that college students love different types of sports, and baseball is one of them. Many sports fans of all ages love baseball too!

To help you find what you’re looking for, we have pulled together some of our favorite college baseball apps for you. These apps cover other sports too, and offer news and stats concerning major college sports.

If you are a fan of college sports in general, there are also college baseball apps to inform and entertain you.

4 Sports and College Baseball Apps 


One thing that we fancy about this app is the fact that it gives immediate scores. It doesn’t matter what college game it is, once it is popular, you can find it here. You will view different game scores, dating back a long time.

One other reason that we fancy this app is the fact that it offers real time updates, which is unseen in many other apps. Apart from that, this app has player stats and betting odds. If you want to analyze the athletes, you can use this app. 

Team Stream

This app is great for those that want to focus on one or a few teams. Normally, when you download this app on your device, you are allowed to choose the teams that you want to follow. Whenever new info is released about those teams, you are the first to know.

What the app does is to search for data about the teams that you selected, and bring them to you. The information could include articles, rumors, stats, polls, box scores, and so on. Immediately when your team is in the news, you are the first to know.


It would be wrong if we made this list and did not include this app. The ESPN app offers one both general information and personalized data. If you want articles, this app is the right one for you.

There is hardly any lover of sports – especially baseball – who doesn’t know of ESPN. This is one of the leaders in the industry. In the app, you will come across sports videos, scores, articles, and updates.

If you want, you can decide to follow some teams, where you can get information about them in real-time.

Once information or news pops out about the teams that you are following, you become one of the first people to find out. This app is unlike other apps that allow you to follow only one team. With ESPN, you don’t have to search for news, information, scores, and so on about your favorite teams. What you want is brought to you.

CBS Sports

We love the fact that this app offers one on-demand live streams, as well as statistical breakdowns.

It doesn’t matter if the team you are supporting is a college team that isn’t popular, there is a great chance that you will find the needed information on this all.

It offers a lot of on-demand live streams. If you are a fan of sports, you should consider downloading this app and enjoying its numerous features. 

Which sports and college baseball apps do you use?

Top Apps Like Meowchat

If you are looking for fun, there is a great chance that you will love MeowChat. This app is a place where happiness mixes with interests, as you tend to meet different people online and have the opportunity to talk to them about topics that matter to you. You don’t have to be close to them before you can chat with them. With MeowChat, you can meet people thousands of miles away without any social anxiety or stress. There are other apps like MeowChat that you can enjoy without stress too, and we have listed them below

4 Fun Apps Like Meowchat 

Stranger Chat

Are you looking for an online app where you can chat with strangers without stress while you anonymize yourself? You could make a stranger your friend and build a bond with him or her. To use this chat, you do not have to create an account. This is one reason people use this app. 

Once you have connected with a person, you can decide to send or receive text messages, videos, and even call them. Anonymity is key with this app.

We love the user interface, because it is extremely friendly to users. There are a number of communication tools that one can effortlessly use too. 

Fav Talk

As for other apps like MeowChat, Fav Talk enables you to easily meet others that have the same interests that you share. It is easy to chat with them and share similar ideas.

There are settings that allow you to determine who you want to chat with and who you want to avoid. With this app, you can come across people with similar interests that you can talk to without ever meeting them in person. 


This app is one where you have access to online chat fun with others. If you want to have a great chat and meet awesome people, you should consider trying Monkey. There is a lot of entertaining stuff that can be embraced here.

It is easy to share your thoughts and ideas with others quickly, without stress. If you want, you can answer calls from people. If you don’t want it, you can reject calls. With this app, you can come across those who share similar interests with you.


This is an app that allows people to chat with one another by making use of microphones and webcams. This is a great video calling app that permits people to chat with people. The quality of the video call is decent, and you can reach people in different parts of the world. There are a number of functionalities that can be managed simply. You can use the social media app to nurture friendships, business relationships, and so on. 

Which apps like MeowChat will you try first?

How to Find Friends for WhatsApp for First-Time Users

In the last couple of years, there has been an influx of social media applications all designed to offer you the opportunity to connect with your loved ones in a user-friendly and advanced way. One of these applications is the WhatsApp messenger which has been designed to help you stay in contact with people you are familiar with. Unlike some of the other applications, WhatsApp expects you to have the contact of another user if you’re to send them messages or view their posts.

WhatsApp is completely different from most of the other applications today, making it a little bit difficult for first-time users to find friends. In this piece, we’ll discuss how you can find friends for WhatsApp.

Steps to Find Friends for WhatsApp

Step 1. Open The App

This is the first step to take if you’re to find friends for WhatsApp. If you are not already logged in, you have to set up your account by inputting your mobile number. Once that is done, an OTP will be sent to your phone as a text. Input the OTP into the empty field provided, then click on “Next”.

Once you are logged in, it is important that you remember that you can’t search for friends you don’t have their mobile numbers already saved on your contact list.

Step 2. Click Chat

Once you are successfully logged in, you need to set up your profile. You can decide to upload a photo of yourself or something funny. Click on the “Chat” tab found at the far right corner of your device (the position may differ based on the operating system of your device). Once you click on that tab, you are immediately directed to a conversation page. If this page appears, click on the “Back” button found at the top left corner of your mobile device.

Tap or press the “New Chat” tab. This is a square icon that is most of the time blue (although the color may vary on your device). This button will open your contact list where all your saved contacts that are already logged in on WhatsApp will appear.

Step 3. Search

With the list containing all of your saved contacts right in front of you, you have to search for the contact you want to start a chat or concerns with. If the contact you want to start a conversation with isn’t on WhatsApp yet, you can send an invite link to him or her.

Once you have seen the preferred contact, you have to click on their tab and you’d immediately be directed to a chat page. On this page, you can decide to send texts, videos, documents, and other files. With the video and audio call features launched on this app, you can also start a video call with your contact.

Finding friends for WhatsApp happens to be very easy to complete. As mentioned earlier, if your contacts are not logged in on WhatsApp yet, you can send than an invite link. This will help them start meaningful conversations with you and others on their contact list. 

Not a fan of WhatsApp? There are many other social media apps where you make new friends too.

Love to Create Lip-Sync Videos? Here are More Apps Like Dubsmash

Dubsmash is currently one of the best apps when it comes to creating lip-sync videos. It affords users the opportunity to lip-sync to songs, audio files, dialogs, etc. Aside from being able to lip-sync, this app offers you the opportunity to search for audio file categories from its advanced library. Interestingly, videos created can either be shared with your friends and loved ones on social media or just saved on your mobile device for your viewing pleasure alone.

With more people interested in creating lip-sync videos either to promote a song or to tell their friends that they’re listening to a certain song, a number of apps like Dubsmash have been designed and made available for download. In this piece, we’ll take a look at some of the apps like Dubsmash.

3 Apps Like Dubsmash

1. TikTok

Like the Dubsmash app, you can create amazing lip-sync videos on TikTok. While being an alternative to Dubsmash, TikTok happens to be quite different from it. It offers users the opportunity to choose from a variety of languages, audio clips, and sound. Unlike Dubsmash, you can create amazing videos, have it edited, then add special effects to it. Once you are done, you can decide to share or save on your device.

There is a wide range of filters and stickers that you can add to your videos to spice it up. One of the main features of this app that sets it apart from other apps like Dubsmash is that it comes with audio clips in languages of over a hundred countries. When it comes to the music genre, users have a variety to choose from. It is truly an amazing app that wants to simplify the process of making lip-sync videos.

2. Dubshot

With this app, you can conveniently dub your videos and add audio files like songs and dialogs with Dubshot. Being an alternative to Dubsmash, Dubshot offers you the opportunity to add audio files from different countries to your videos. One feature that separates this app from Dubsmash and other apps like Dubsmash is the fact that you can view videos of other users. Like almost every other lip-sync app like Dubsmash, you can share your videos once completed to your friends on social media.

3. MuStar

With this alternative to Dubsmash, you can create lip-sync videos from millions of songs. One interesting fact you’d love to know about this app is that you don’t have to create an account to begin making use of it. There is also a search feature where you can search from millions of audio files and songs to lip-sync to.Aside from making your lip-sync videos, MuStar affords you the opportunity to edit these videos before sharing them on social media. With this app, you can start dance challenges and invite your friends to view and vote for their favorite. For users looking for advanced features, you can upgrade to the premium version of this app for a small fee.

How to Unblock Social Media Contacts on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram are currently two of the most visited social media platforms in the world. With over 1 billion active users on Facebook, it takes the No. 1 spot when it comes to the number of users. While there is an increasing number of individuals on these social media platforms, one thing is certain – there are often conflicts and disagreements. 

When arguments in the comment section or posts on pages become heated up and turn into insults, it is only right that these users are blocked. However, after time passes, you may forgive and forget past transgressions and want to befriend old contacts again. 

Therefore, if you’ve ever blocked any of your social media contacts either on Facebook or Instagram, this piece will help show you how to unblock them.

Unblock Social Media Contacts on Facebook

Being a user-friendly mobile application, Facebook affords you the opportunity to carry out a number of activities as fast as possible. The blocking and unblocking feature of this leading social media platform has also been made to be as easy as possible.

To unblock an account on the Facebook mobile application, log in to your account, click on the “Menu” tab at the far right corner of your device. Once you click on that, a couple of options will appear, click on the “Settings & Privacy” tab. Then click on the “Settings” tab. A screen will appear with other options to choose from. Click on the “Blocking” tab. Once that is done, a list of all the contacts you have blocked will appear. All you have to do now is choose the contact you want to unblock.

When you decide to unblock a contact, it is important that you remember that you’ll now be able to see their posts and comments as well. They will be able to find you online again as well.

Unblock Social Media Contacts on Instagram

Unblocking contacts on Instagram is as easy as doing it on Facebook. When you block a contact on Instagram, most of the time, it becomes difficult tracking the contact. If you ever think of unblocking a contact either because you have resolved an issue or because you choose to be the bigger person, then we’ll help you out.

On your Instagram mobile app, click on your account tab at the bottom right corner of your screen. Click on the tab with three lines found at the top right corner. Once you do that, a new column appears with a number of options for you to choose from. Click on “Settings”, then on “Privacy” and move straight to the “Blocked Accounts” tab. Immediately you click on that tab, a page containing all blocked contacts appears. Choose the contact you want to be unblocked and click on their username. You’d be sent directly to their profile, click on the three-line tab at the top right corner of your mobile device. Tap the “Unblock” option and confirm the action.

It is important that you remember that when you unblock an account or contact on Instagram and Facebook, you will be able to see their comments and their posts as well. They’ll be able to find you on Instagram again too.

Pros And Cons of the Instant Beauty App

InstaBeauty is simply a photo editing application that affords you the opportunity to beautify your portraits with a number of tools that have been designed specifically for that purpose. Some of the tools you can choose from include teeth whitening, expanding your smile, doing away with dark spots or circles, smoothing skin, etc.

One of the most interesting facts of this instant beauty app is that it is easy to use. InstaBeauty is a complete application that does not only afford you the opportunity to edit your photo. It also offers a plethora of other services. A couple of these other features are editing images, creating a collage, adjust brightness, adjust contrast, and changing levels of the picture. As an additional feature, you can add hundreds of stickers to your photos to make it more fun. These stickers could be your favorite athlete, movie star, musician, and more.

Why Use the Instant Beauty App?

Like every other application that has been designed, this instant beauty app has certain exciting features that set it apart from the other photo editing applications available.


It comes with quick-snap! This is an exciting feature of this photo editing app. It offers users the opportunity to take multiple selfies directly from the app, and edit, add collage, or add portraits in a matter of seconds. Some have described this feature as one that turns your device into a photo booth. With the feature, you can take group pictures without anyone being left out. It is truly an exciting feature.

It offers excellent results; unlike some of the other photo editing applications that are available for download on your iOS and Android devices, the Instant Beauty app offers you top-notch results each time you edit your photo with it. If you’ve made use of a number of these photo editing apps, you will definitely agree that most of them have the ability to reduce the quality of your photo. After editing your photos, most may look blurry and unfit for the eyes of others. The InstaBeauty app is not like those other applications. It offers you quality photos after editing.

With a large number of tools available for users, the Instant Beauty app as mentioned earlier is feature-packed. There is a wide range of exciting tools that anyone can make use of. These tools have all been designed to enable users to conveniently edit their photos and share them with friends and admirers. It is a perfect photo editing application with exciting features that you should try out.


Users are required to pay if they are to enjoy premium features. The subscription fee for a year is $23, which makes it quite expensive for most people.

Otherwise, the InstaBeauty photo editing application is one of the best photo editing and sharing apps available on the market today.

The Future of Social Media: What Happens Next

As the world becomes more reliant on social media and as digital marketers concentrate most of their SEO efforts on social media marketing, one question remains unanswered. Where is social media heading, or better still what is the future of social media? Social media is not what it used to be – it has changed drastically in the last decade, and as the world continues to witness the rise and fall of advanced technologies, we can only expect the continuous evolution of social media.

In recent times, we have seen social media magnets like Facebook make strides to prepare their platform for imminent changes. As most of our lives are now intertwined with our social media accounts, we’ll have to do the same as well. Whether you are a digital marketer, an influencer, an app developer, or a business owner, knowing where social media is heading will help you stay ahead of the trends. But then again, you can’t possibly fathom the future unless you have figured out the past. So let’s see where we’ve been and where we are now to figure out what the future may hold for us.

Social Media’s Past

The main era of social media is only a few decades old. The first email was sent in 1971. By 1979, Usenet was created. Relay chat was introduced in 1988. In 1997, a social media site similar to the early Facebook, called Six Degrees, was launched. The golden era of social media occurred in 2000-2004 when MySpace was popular. By 2005, Facebook, Skype, and YouTube were at the top of their game. Twitter soon followed in 2006, with Pinterest and Instagram launched in 2010. The following year, Snapchat made its debut. Things have been evolving ever since across all social media platforms.

Social Media Today

As it appears, more than 88% of 18 to 29-year-olds across the globe have a presence on at least one social media platform. This number increases exponentially in the U.S., where most people rely on a social media platform for their day-to-day conversations with family and friends. Presently, over 78% of US citizens aged 30 to 49 have a presence on one social media platform or another.

All things considered, YouTube and Facebook seem to be the most visited social media platforms in the world, with millions of users across each continent. These social media platforms are used by people of all ages, and they visit the platform every day. Looking at today’s statistics of users’ interactions with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and YouTube, it is clear that our need for social media communication is becoming insatiable.

So how are these people using social media?

These days, video content has become the front and center of most social media activities, especially since Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram rolled out their ephemeral video stories. Many digital marketers have come out to say that video content has greater returns on investment than any other social media content.

Users spend significant amounts of time glued to their phone screens watching video content like interviews, testimonials, behind-the-scenes content, and tutorials. And don’t forget cat videos! Entertainment video content has the highest viewership of all. This creates a window of opportunity for forward-thinking entrepreneurs who know how to optimize audiovisuals to generate traffic and make a sale. Besides the tremendous success rates that we are seeing in video content marketing, shows the future of social media is already be defined.

Social Media in the Future

All things considered, social media is heading towards a more user-focused platform with ephemeral storytelling content taking the front seat. Also, you should expect a stronger and more versatile influencer marketing on social media. Video content will continue to expand, and artificial intelligence (AI) and voice commands may also have some impact in the social media realm in years to come.

Tech Help: Changing Apple ID Security Questions

As a telecommunication company, Apple is renowned for many things. But, a standout among them is its high-end security protocols and systems. When it comes to keeping users’ information safe on their devices and the cloud-based storage, Apple goes the extra mile in that area. To ensure that you are the only one who has access to the information stored on your device, Apple uses security questions to verify your identity. The answer to these questions is provided by you, and Apple expects you to keep them secret. However, if for some reason, you forgot your answers to the security questions, Apple will give you another chance to verify your identity, and reset your ID security questions.

If you are experiencing difficulty in accessing important information on your Apple device, because you somehow forgot the right answers to your ID security questions, then consider this article your guide for changing Apple ID security questions.

Changing Apple ID Security Questions: Step by Step

Step 1:

Go to your Apple ID account page and click Forgot Apple ID or password. Make sure the URL is spelled correctly, because there are many fake sites out there with similar URLs. Some of them even have look-alike pages imitating Apple’s ID page, to mislead you so you’ll part with your ID information. (Also be sure you don’t have any undercover apps on your phone that may spy on you and steal your information.)

Tip: The real website has a wealth of information on Apple and its products.

Step 2:

Provide your Apple ID login details to access your account. Don’t forget to check and double-check your login details to avoid login errors. When you are satisfied with what you have written, click on continue.

Step 3:

Move to the security section on the Apple ID page, and click on Edit. Since you can’t remember your initial security questions, click on the reset option from the subsequent menu. Then click on continue or press enter from your keyboard.

Step 4:

Provide your Apple ID login details to verify your identity. This step is important since you don’t want strangers poking around your files and important documents. Once you are done, click Continue.

Step 5:

Follow the ensuing instructions to verify your identity. You’ll be required to provide legitimate answers to a few personal questions depending on the details of your account and other similar factors. If you fail to answer at least one of these questions correctly, you won’t be able to verify your identity, neither will you be able to reset your security questions.

Step 6:

The last step in changing Apple ID security questions is to choose new questions and answers. While we are on the subject, it is worth mentioning that you shouldn’t choose security questions that are impossible to forget. Of course, you shouldn’t choose Apple ID security questions that are super easy either.

Although Apple gives you the chance to change your security questions, changing Apple ID security questions over and over again can make it even more difficult to remember the answers to your security questions. So be careful what you choose to do.

Other Methods to Changing Apple ID Security Questions

On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, look for your Apple ID in your iCloud or iTunes & App Store settings. Tap Settings, then tap your name. Change the security questions there.

Or, you can tap Settings, then tap Accounts & Passwords. On iOS 10.3 or earlier, tap Settings, select Mail, choose Contacts, then tap Calendars. You can find more information on Apple’s website.