Samsung Galaxy Note 10 vs Note 10+

In August 2019, the Samsung Galaxy series let a new cat out of the bag. The new Galaxy Note 10 and 10+ were befitting consumers, but these two smart phones are here to stay and have indeed taken over the home of mobile phones.

Both models – the Samsung Note 10 and 10+ – have a lot of similar features, but no two Galaxy series are ever completely the same. Here is a list of differences to help you decide which of them suits your preference.

7 Differences Between the Galaxy Note 10 vs Note 10+


The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is cheaper than the Note 10+. The former is sold for $950, whereas the latter is sold at $1100.  Let’s take a look at the reasons for the $150 difference.

Size and Outlook

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ has a bigger screen measuring up to 6.8 inches, whereas the Note 10 screen is just about 6.3 inches long. Both phones have the same width, but the Note 10+ weighs an ounce more. Also, there is no difference in the size of the S pen. Both phones do not have headphone jacks.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has three cameras; excluding, of course, the front camera. Two of the three cameras are telephoto shooters with a resolution of 12-megapixels. The third camera is an ultra-wide lens camera with a resolution of 16-megapixels. The phone has a 10-megapixel front camera for capturing amazing selfies.

The Note 10+ has the same arrangement. However, there is a fourth lens placed under the flash to measure distance and depth in 3D space.


In terms of display, both phones are slightly different. Although, they both use the Samsung Amoled tech, the Note 10+ has a higher screen resolution of about 1440 pixels, while the Note 10 has a screen resolution of 1080 pixels. This subtle difference accounts for a higher graphic display and better user experience, giving you money’s worth at a premium level.


This is one aspect where you can boldly say the Note 10 and the Note 10+ are Siamese twins. Both phones use Samsung’s OneUI model and Android version 9 (pie) which can be upgraded to Android 10.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ has about the highest battery capacity ever built in the Samsung Note Series. It has an energy pack of 4300mAh which lasts for up to ten hours with the LTE fully active and working. On the other hand, Samsung Note 10, has a battery capacity of 3500mAh.

Both phones share a 25-watt charger capacity and a 15-watt wireless charging capacity. However, the Note 10+ has a 45-watt charger option, which unfortunately has to be bought separately.


Both phones have outstanding memory capacity but the Note 10+ has a little edge over it’s junior. It has 12 gigabyte RAM capacity as against Note 10 which stops at 8 gigabyte. Also, the storage capacity of the Note 10+ has a 512 gigabyte variant. But the Note 10 stops at 256 gigabytes.

If you’re looking to buy a smart phone for regular use at a good price, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 would be a great option. However, if you’re looking for a real mobile asset for all your online and offline transactions, the Samsung Note 10+ is honestly your best buy.