Social Media Benefits for Students

Over the years, there has been a debate among a lot of people as to whether social media has any positive impact on students. There are indeed many pros and cons to social media

To some people, the cons are that students spend a lot of their time surfing the net, chatting on social media, making new friends, and hooking up with them. At the end of the day, they may tend to neglect their studies and this affects their grades adversely.

However, it may interest you to know that there are several social media benefits for students. Yes, although they may be a bit distracted, it still helps them a lot.

Social Media Benefits

Social media is a collective term for platforms where different people from all over the world connect, chat, interact, and share ideas. Almost everyone has a smartphone, and you will find at least three social media platforms on it. 

Of course, students these days have phones because they’re supposed to do a lot of assignments and research work from the internet. Therefore, it is inevitable for them not to have social media apps. 

Some popular social media apps include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google+, Pinterest, Snapchat, and so on. They are shared according to their uses, such as video sharing, networking, photo sharing, and blogging. Together, social media has created an avenue for people to connect from anywhere in the world where there’s internet access.

Although, there is a general perception that social media does not help students, here are some social media benefits for students.

1. It Aids Learning

Nowadays, learning is more than just sitting in the classroom and listening to the teachers. There’s something called e-learning, whereby students can learn from a distance at the comfort of their homes. Moreso, social media platforms like YouTube create an opportunity where students can learn and engage themselves. Also, they can get study materials from their peers through WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram. Learning includes meeting your peers for help, and social media connects students who might have difficulties in an area of study.

2. Exposure

You don’t want a child who is not exposed to things that are happening all over the world. By engaging on social media platforms, students will be up-to-date on things that are happening in the world. Apart from this, they can be exposed to different cultures, languages, and lifestyles. This adds up to their knowledge and makes them more sound.

3. Expression

Social media helps students to be expressive as well as creative. They can post photos, videos, articles, voice clips, and so on. They can discover their talent, look for people in the same niche interests as them, and work toward growing themselves.

4. Job Opportunities

There are many employment opportunities all over social media. It is a little difficult for a student to get jobs during the holiday or after graduation. However, social media presents a lot of opportunities for them. Companies give updates about their company on their social media accounts. Students who follow them up can get good jobs. Those who seek to do their internship can get job openings too.

Finally, it is apparent that social media benefits for students outweigh the negative aspects.