Social Media Trivia Questions and Answers

For those who are really into social media, it would be so fun to enjoy trivia questions. They help you test how much you know about social media things. If you have not taken this social media trivia questions, enjoy.

Trivia Questions

1.     Which of the following can’t you give as a Facebook reaction?

2.     Which demographic users was Facebook originally targeted to?

3.     Which social network platform has the highest number of active users?

4.     Which social media platform does not give users selfie filters?

5.     Was Snapchat called Picaboo when it was first created?

6.     Which social media platform does not let people post photos with a desktop computer?

7.     Is it true or false that Twitter that created the #Hashtag, and now it can easily be found through different social media platforms?

8.     Is it true or false that after a day’s posting period, you can no longer view the status from your Instagram stories?

9.     Which of the social media platforms does not offer analytics?


1.     When Facebook was published, the reaction “embarrassed” was not a reaction that could be used on Facebook. It was around 2016 that Facebook rolled out the ability to use reactions to all users of the social media platform. You could share your emotional reactions (also called emoticons) while commenting with other emotions from the Like function.

2.     When Facebook was created, it was meant for students in college. Check this out but studying the history of Facebook.

3.     When Facebook was published, it was the largest social media platform worldwide with about 2 billion active users monthly.

4.     Twitter does not give users selfie filters for the meantime. Through these years, we have noticed Instagram and Facebook release their versions of the selfie filters from Snapchat.

5.     Snapchat was called Picaboo when it was created in the year 2011 when it was launched. After some months, it changed its name to Snapchat.

6.     Though it was acquired by Facebook, it has not left its roots and does not let its users upload or post photos using a computer desktop. You can only view your news feed and the profiles of other people, but you cannot post new content with a desktop computer.  

7.     The # symbol is used to show topics relating to a lot of issues and this started since the late 1980s. Was used through the IRC groups to get labels and topics.

8.     You would be able to view your status from your Instagram stories after you posted it for a day.  

9.     This is a tricky last question! The answer is Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all other social media platforms do not offer analytics features.

We hope you enjoyed these social media trivia questions and answers. How many did you get right?