What Makes You a Social Media Wiz?

Social media is beyond chatting and connecting with people for fun. There is more you can get out of it if you are being strategic about its use. Social media can make a good source of income generation, but this can only happen if you are a social media wiz.

Just because you are active on social media doesn’t automatically make you a social media wiz, but you need to understand how to use social media presence in your favor. You need to keep up with the dynamics and trends of each platform. It doesn’t happen overnight; it takes determination.

The major strategy that a lot of companies use to leverage to rank is social media marketing. The sales conversion rates on social media have the potential to be huge – though most amount to less than 1 percent – that is, unless you’re a social media wiz! Becoming a social media wiz will help you gain a presence on social media and improve your potential of being a verified user and a brand ambassador or a brand influencer who gets paid for sharing or reposting specific types of content.

What Makes You a Social Media Wiz? These 5 Things!

Staying Updated on All Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram come with new updates now and then. Becoming a social media wiz requires you to follow all the updates on all the platforms. This way, you can be sure you are using social media correctly. To target a huge audience and gain a presence on social media, you need to keep up with a regular update of new features.


You don’t become a social media wiz by copying other people; you have to be original and authentic with your social media content. Do not duplicate content, but you are allowed to get inspiration from posts you see around. Let your social media platforms be about what you are passionate about – that way you can offer unique content to your followers. Avoid making your social media platforms about things that are common. Being unique can help you gain a great presence on social media.

Social Media Engagement

Get engaged on social media as much as possible. When you educate yourself and become a topic expert about something, people will come to you. Generate traffic on all your social media platforms. Be sure that your content is useful to your audience. When you use your platform to send strong and powerful messages, you will soon be recognized for your engaging and influencing content. So, before you post your content, you need to ask yourself if your content is engaging? Does your content teach your audience something?

Automated Social Media Engagement

One of the important tips a social media wiz can use is the art of automation. You need to automate every task on your social media platforms using common apps like Hootsuite or undercover apps to leverage your social media presence. You can set your social media for automatic retweeting (from another social site or blog), automatic mentioning, and automated responses to direct messages.

Linking All Your Social Media Platforms

Become prominent on all your social media platforms by linking them all together. Link your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Pinterest accounts, and so forth. That way, all your posts can be on all the platforms you use at once.

These are the major steps to become a social media wiz. The key is for you to be actively involved. Be sure to keep ahead of trends by paying attention to the future of social media too. Now get out there and get posting!