In today’s era, there are a lot of ways to monetize apps in unexpected ways creatively. The mobile market needs to find strategic ways to optimize and diversify monetization ways competitive market. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that app marketers need to be up to date for what they will encounter in the future and know the most popular method regarding Monetization.

We are going to look into the app monetization trends.

App Monetization Trends

In-app advertising-:

In-app advertising is how ads are placed into your app, and in the app Monetization ecosystem, it plays are a significant part. In 2019, statistics made it known that mobile app spending will amount to $190 billion, while by 2022, the figure is expected to have a significant increase of over $280billion.

In-app offers different ways to get paid when you display ads to your users, and it also has a monetization model that is relevant for all verticals. A list of ads format is included in our guide to develop strategies for Monetization.

In-app Advertising Trends

Rewarded video:

Gamification is added to the ads format to help with the experience of being exposed to an ad. Watching in-app ads is always rewarded, so it has moved many users to watch the in-app ads. Using a mobile game as an example, we will discover that watching a 30 seconds ad will reward users with coins or extra lives.

Playable ads-:

Playable ads are developing day by day, and it has now become a trendy choice for advertisers. The qualities of playable ads are displayed when users experience gameplay. Playable ads are unique in the sense that you can enjoy playing a portion of your mobile game even if it is now installed on your phone.

The U.S professionals have enjoyed using the playable ads format; that is why they voted it as the best effective in-app ad format.

Freemium/subscription monetization modeling

Users are eligible to enjoy the functionality with ads and also have access to free download apps. All this is made possible because a lot of apps offer a premium service. Premium is top-rated because of its offers. Users who haven’t used an app are not moved to download it, but with premium, it is easier to check out how the apps look before subscribing.

You can assure users that their money is not a waste if they get your product When offering a premium service. It is easier to get a user to get an app for free by using premium, and it will make freemium remain popular because everyone likes the services. But any user that does not subscribe to premium can otherwise be monetized with in-app ads.

Options are made available to remove ads through a subscription monetized model. Spotify is a popular model among over 100 subscription apps. You can easily listen to music immediately by using intermittent ads, but you must have paid for a monthly premium ad-free service before you can access it.


You can creatively monetize apps in unique ways. And one of the key ways is through subscription. Premium free ad app is unique and famous, and other ads are also helpful in attaining revenues.