Top Trendy Influencers on the Upfluence

Upfluence has a lot of different influencers, these influencers include people that engage in things like skincare, makeup, striking colors on one’s eyes, and those that have very long hair. These are serious trends that are in the niche beauty influencers on different social media platforms right now. It could be a brand that helps to get beauty influencers that are available for addicts of beautify. Or just to know which micro-influencers are taking over the show in the year 2020.

Making use of the mixture of quantitative criteria and keywords, Upfluence analysts have been able to know which beauty influencers have followers of about 5k to fifty-five thousand. This technology that’s in charge has compared these influencers to some audience or niche to know who has the greatest comments, likes, and engagements.  

The selection used here covers the complete beauty spectrum. This involves makeup, skincare to nail art. One of the things that these influencers have in common is their wonderful performance.

Let’s not waste so much time on this okay, look at our beauty influencer picks of the year 2020.


This is an Instagram and YouTube influencer and that’s where she makes all her posts. She has a lot of different makeup brands which has helped her get her epic look. She has about 5.5k followers and counting. She has an Engagement rate on an average of 9.66%.


The look on this influencer is all about wonderful bright eye makeup. She has Instagram which features her looks daily using beauty product reviews. She presently had about 6.2k followers and she is one of the most popular among the sixteen to twenty-four age brackets.


She has her specialty in beauty and skincare product developments. This has earned her followers of about 7.4k in number.


This is a Micro influencer that has about 33k followers. He makes very dramatic makeup.


This works with the likes of Ilia Beauty and Glossier. Rachael is an enthusiast that manages skincare and she has an A ranking used for engagements, comments, and likes when compared to different similar influencers on this platform.


This is a German influencer and he’s also a make-up artist. She has 34k followers on Instagram. She also has on average 1.3k likes on all her posts.


She has an A+ all across the board on her comments, likes, and engagements from the Upfluence software. She has epic eye make-up designs that have helped her get a nice steady group of followers which are about 20k on IG.  


Karen makes use of TikTok and IG to make her videos go viral. She showcases the latest products used to make people beautiful. She stands properly out because of her serious engagement rate of 20.35% from the Upfluence software.

So there we have it. You now know the top Trendy Influencers on Upfluence.